Way back when in LOS CABOS?

by terry gray curtis, century 21

Anyone who has ever pictured themselves living in Mexico has some sort of image in their mind of how it would be. For some it is the classic Corona ad where the couple is reaching for a cold one from a bucket on the beach, tossing their cell phones into the ocean. These days, for those of us making a living here, we have jumped in the ocean to retrieve that phone. Most people who think about living in Mexico are picturing a retirement scenario and that is by far most common. A lot of these retirees have chosen to purchase a property here and live in Los Cabos only “part time” because of family back home which they want to be around part of the year. Others choose Los Cabos for a retreat from nasty old man winter, who seems to be hanging around up north a lot these days and he’s kinda mad too.

As of late we have seen many people, couples included move to Mexico permanently.  This certainly has been a trend over the last couple of years. Those of us in the industry know the reasons are usually financial as it is less expensive to live in Los Cabos than most areas in Canada and the USA. The other major reason is to improve or maintain a (safer) higher quality of life than that of back home.

Here are a few Fun Facts:

1) Cabo rush hour 7:30 am to 9am, takes almost 15 minutes to get across town.

2) Trip to a beach, 15 minutes or less from anywhere here.

3) Costco hot dog and drink, $1.90 with view of the arch from your seat there.

4) Happy hour, pretty much all day in most cantinas.

5) Two tickets to see the movie Kong or Logan in English, $6, yes for 2.

6) Home phone including high speed internet, unlimited international, national, cellular calls and cable tv, $30 per month.

6) Fresh shrimp tacos (3) lunch with drink, under $5.
Now enter the new crowd. It seems that we have younger families coming to Los Cabos to reside and make a living. A lot of them have been in some sort of profession back home and are qualified to have one here. Most of this newer crowd seems to be business people or entrepreneurs looking to help other residents, filling needs that have not historically been filled. We welcome you to help make Los Cabos an even better community to live in, for everyone. It truly is an evolution we are going through these days.

The Mexican Dream is alive and well here in Los Cabos. Come live yours, be it retired part time living, full time retired relocation or the beginning of a new life making a living. You might be surprised how much Freedom exists in any of these lifestyles in Los Cabos.

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