why retire in los cabos?

by sandra morgan, broker of Cabos Finest Real Estate

As we dream of finding that warm climate place to retire, an overwhelming number of international buyers are picking Los Cabos. For those of you that have already been smitten over the years with the occasional visit the reasons are obvious. For the unfortunates that have yet to visit, you owe it to yourselves to come take a better look. While you are here just ask any one of the thousands of expats that make Cabo a permanent or half year residence. We are all more than happy to share our experiences. Some fit in right away while others long for their native home and leave but not because they didn't absolutely love living here. One of the top destinations for the wealthy, celebrity and pro athletes that can afford the ultra-luxury oceanfront communities but that is not what we came for. You don't have to be rich to own an incredible villa or condo. While it may not be ocean front it will be ocean view and typically walk to range. In our condo community alone there is a wide mix of culture from the USA, Canada, France, Spain, Britain and all parts of Mexico. Some came to work others to retire.

The list of reasons is long so let's get started and focus on the main concerns.

Sense of Community- Los Cabos is a melting pot of North Americans and most everyone has located here rather recently.

Climate- We have been called 'Scottsdale on the Beach' but that is telling only part of the story. With an average temperature of 75 degrees F and low humidity there is very few deserts in the Tropics with such consistency of Blue Skies and cool breezes.

Modern Conveniences- Great Airports, highways, public transportation, schools, charitable organizations, retail chains, restaurants, nightlife and all the conveniences of home.

Affordability- This is a matter of perspective as you can spend huge on a $50 million mansion or find a comfortable $150,000 condo. Same goes for dining, nightlife and activities where there are bargains but also great luxuries. One just needs to see the variety of water craft in the Cabo Marina to see the variance.

Taxes- You can simply keep more of your money and spend less without giving up your quality of life. Property taxes are super low currently at about .01%. Sales Tax is high at 16% but goods are low. Everyone has their own special tax experience and need to check with their personal accountant.

Healthcare- A longtime friend of mine that moved here in the 1980's summed it up best- ' I was always planning to head back once I needed more health care but now great high-quality healthcare is all over Los Cabos.' It is true there are many current, newly opened and large modern hospitals, dentists and health care providers are opening up and down the Corridor. Health insurance costs are drastically lower in Mexico. The gap is widening as well as the US is dealing with excessive increases. The burden of 10,000 Americans turning 65 daily will accelerate this trend.

Safety- We have lived here since 2004 and I can honestly say I feel very safe and secure. The Mexican culture is wonderful and accommodating to Americans. Even though the US has been a less than friendly neighbor, local Mexicans genuinely like us, go figure. Unless you decide to get in the illicit drug business you are going to be safe and love your new home.

To sum it up, the quality of life is high, housing costs are low. Weather is ideal and the sense of community is wonderful. If you like four season weather, you are in for a disappointment. Sometimes we get a little bored with the blue sky and can go 6-9 months without consulting with the Weather Channel. Sure projects sometimes take more time and we do live in a 'manana' country. But within a Mexican Minute you will be sipping your cool beverage under a palapa on the beach. Who knows you may have to fly down the grand children or better yet let their parents pay for it.

For more information of how you can retire in Los Cabos, go to www.cabosfinest.com.

By Sandra Morgan, Cabos Finest Real Estate, 624-115-2703 cel , 624-104-3944 ofc, Website- www.cabosfinest.com, Email- sandra@cabosfinest.com