why are so many americans

moving to mexico?

by terry Gray curtis.

That’s a darn good question Vern, ask 10 different people and you will get 11 different answers! Some say; since the presidential election money has freed up and economic confidence has surged enough for people to invest, with some of that money arriving in Mexico. Others say; it is because of the new POTUS and people are fleeing with their retirement fund, investments and or fixed income from SS. Again 10 people with 11 opinions! At the end of the day it maybe one, maybe the other or possibly a little of both, but one thing for sure, there is an increase of expats desiring to live in Los Cabos these days, period.                                                                         

In very many ways, Mexico especially Los Cabos today; is like the U.S. was 60 years ago. Way before big government, big business and special interests groups slowly whittled away the much freer lifestyle our parents took for granted and we did as children.  Los

Cabos is full of many, overlooked retirement havens where you can retire in luxury without spending a fortune. Los Cabos’ lower cost of living and just about everything else, means a comfortable, enjoyable life here will likely cost you a fraction of what you are paying in the USA or Canada.                                       

From real estate to groceries, from entertainment to healthcare, life in Mexico simply costs less. Here you can still find comfortable homes for under $150,000 USD in nice communities and pay pennies on the dollar for fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and entertainment. As for healthcare, across the board healthcare in Los Cabos costs a quarter to a half of what you’d pay in the U.S. for treatment by well-trained medical professionals in first-class hospitals and clinics.  Add this to our spectacular climate in Los Cabos, never ending list of activities and it might make you ask yourself, what am I waiting on?

Los Cabos is mostly First-World, with excellent toll ways, a sleek international airport, high-speed internet, as well as current first run, in theater movies in English with Spanish subtitles. We have nice malls and modern supermarkets with many brands and products you are accustomed to.  In Los Cabos you will enjoy a slower, safer, more relaxed lifestyle where your kids or grandkids can still play in the streets and you know your neighbors. You will also find a rich, strong local culture if you take the time to ask and look around.  There is plenty to do and see in Los Cabos and Baja Sur not to mention the local people are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.

With Los Cabos’ varied facing shores and geography, you can find a slightly different climate and lifestyle, depending on which side of the peninsula you are on.  It is no wonder more than 1.2M expats from the USA have made their full or part time home Mexico. I myself am very proud to call Los Cabos, Mexico my home and have no plans to leave.

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