where do you want to be in paradise?

by natalie evaniew

Owning your very own real estate in Paradise is quite simple! Deciding where, can be a little bit more difficult!  If you have the available cash it makes it even easier as financing options in Mexico tend to be limited and interest rates are a lot higher than in other places in North America. 

Cabo and the surrounding areas are so beautiful, each in their own ways. You have many choices as far as purchasing real estate here. You can purchase a condo; a house; or a townhome. Price points start as low as $100,000 usd and can go up very quickly into millions of dollars. 

Cabo San Lucas offers views of the Sea of Cortez; there's Medano beach for swimming and if you choose Pedregal you may be lucky enough to have views of both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean! In Cabo there are tons of restaurants, a marina and the nightlife is lively here!

On the Corridor we have homes along the Cabo Corridor as well as along the San Jose Corridor. Getting out and driving around in these areas is a great way to get familiar and find what resonates best with you as far as a location. 

San Jose Del Cabo is a quieter, quaint town where are you find a lot of art, jewelry and Mexican history! There is a beautiful Church and a large community square surrounded by shops & restaurants.  Here you will also find different events being held throughout the year. San Jose is also located very close to the International Airport; as this could be something that is important to you.

Along the Pacific Ocean you have the towns of Pescadero, Cerritos and Todos Santos. Temperatures tend to be cooler on the Pacific side and the waves are huge! Surfing is very popular at Cerritos Beach and most days it's safe enough to swim here. Pescadero is known for its organic farming and Todos Santos is known as Pueblo Magico, meaning Magical Town! It is definitely worth a trip up the Pacific Coast to explore these areas!

East Cape is located outside of San Jose Del Cabo and you can travel this scenic way up to La Paz. There are beautiful places along here like Santiago Falls, La Ribera, Cabo Pulmo, Los Barillos and El Trunfio. Definitely worth the road trip!

 You can choose a home that is located right on the beach or very close; or you can choose a home that is walking distance to downtown or a home that is located in the hills with breathtaking views that is very quiet and serene!

Once you have established an area that is of interest to you; I strongly suggest finding a good realtor, one who can help you locate properties available for sale. A realtor that has access to the MLS database is a must! One who can negotiate a good price and terms along with help you with your closing. An agent who is going to spend this time and energy with you deserves your commitment. Choose one agent and be loyal. Please do use not different agents. We all work from one MLS database! Also please keep in mind the realtor you chose to work with doesn't get paid anything until your closing is complete. There is a special magic when a client & realtor have a loyalty to one another making it a great alliance! One that can be life long!  

If you would like more information and help in finding your very own piece of Paradise, I invite you to contact me at: info@natalieevaniew.com, www.NatalieEvaniew.com or by phone at 011 521 624-217-9562. Enjoy Paradise! I did so much that I moved here & live here full time.