what properties are available

in los cabos?

by Terry Curtis, Century 21
Currently our MLS has around 1,050 homes and condominiums listed for sale from the East Cape to Todos Santos, San Jose and Cabo being in between.   (And another 700 listings for raw land.) With this amount of inventory available you would be hard pressed to not find the perfect property.  By far the majority of built properties available are in the $200K to $500K price range with around 450 listed.  The reason for this is most of the developers designed properties around the most common buyers.  Therefore if you are in this category you have the largest choice of excellent properties available.  You also have great buying power to negotiate your best deal with your preferred, professional real estate agent.  Obviously there are still many budget deals under $200K out there for sale and many of these are a real bargain if you have a limited budget.

Above the $500K to $1M price range, properties and locations vary widely.  This is about where the custom homes/condos begin to come into the market.  In this price range square footage, quality of finishes, views and lot sizes for homes become substantial and similar to USA expectations. 

The homes for sale here above the $1M mark are generally works of art as we have some fantastic custom home builders and architects in the area.  Some of the lots these expensive homes are built on create serious challenges due to geography.

At the end of the day, I am sure we have more than several properties that would fit just about everyone.  Do your research on-line before you head down south.  Try to hook up with a qualified professional realtor, ask a lot of questions and provide information to help narrow down the search.  It is always good to have your properties lined up to see before you arrive; a good agent will do all the homework in advance to save time. 

If by chance you are not a cash buyer, there are options for you to become an owner here still.  The best option if possible is for you to pull cash out of the equity in your current residence in the USA or Canada since money is fairly inexpensive there.  There are a few loan options that exist here in this area however they are not usually attractive with the terms and interest offered.  The current most common option is for the seller to finance the buyer.  This negotiation would be handled by your agent for you and a deal is usually agreed on more so than not.

By Terry Gray Curtis is a veteran Century 21 Paradise Properties agent and Property Manager, he operates www.caboresortproperties.com & www.cabosecrets.com & a blog at http://blog.caboresortproperties.com Drop him a note to receive his very informative, bi‐weekly Newsletter. His e‐marketing program can give you incredible exposure if you are a Seller. Terry can be reached at  terry@c21cabo.com or USA Tel 310.272.9500 Mex Cel (011‐521) 624.151.5530