What is in your kit?

By Carol Billups, broker, cabo realty pros

I just finished reading a realtor-to-realtor blog on what to carry in your car when touring with clients. 

​Good thoughts, some excellent suggestions I’ll implement. Some I won’t do (a handgun and permit to carry concealed? What kind of neighborhoods does that guy work in?).
But it also begs the question: what should the client have in their backpack or purse?  Here is a quick list of things you should carry with you when house hunting or even just tooling around town.
1.    WATER! Los Cabos may be surrounded by water, but we are a desert. Visitors have no idea how easy it is to become dehydrated here. You need to constantly replace fluids. Dehydration can cause you to feel sick, and even impair judgment. I usually bring water for clients, but it’s not a universal habit of my fellow agents. So bring your own just in case.
2.    Sunscreen. Yes, you put some on at the hotel. But depending on the time of year and the type of property you’re touring you may sweat it off and need to replace it.
3.    Hat. Again, you’ll be out in the sun and I’m not being condescending that you’re not used to it. Our sun really is stronger and it’s easy to get overheated or sunburned.
4.    Shoes (not sandals). If you’ll be looking at building lots you’ll want to have a pair of real shoes. The only way to really visualize what your view will be and what type of home is possible on most building lots is to walk out onto it. Besides all kinds of prickly plants your toes might encounter the uneven terrain makes walking in sandals dangerous.
5.    Something to write on and with. I furnish a listing sheet with the spec’s of the properties I plan on showing but you’ll want to make your own notes.
6.    Camera. Particularly if you’ll be viewing multiple properties you may want to snap a few photos. Especially if you find the perfect place you’ll want plenty of photos to show your friends. If you are buying a furnished property photos make perfect documentation in case something is missing on your final walk-through.
7.    Questions! You’re buying property in a foreign country. While it is a safe proposition there are certainly differences from the purchase routine back home, wherever that may be. Your realtor should not only be willing to answer your questions but should encourage them. If they’re not eager to do so something is wrong.
8.    If you are diabetic or have another medical condition please bring along any medication you might need. Having a medical emergency while touring properties could ruin your whole day! Not to mention take years off your realtor’s life.
9.    Your patience. Here in Los Cabos we don’t have lock boxes. Your agent will have made appointments with the listing agents of the various properties you’ll be seeing. Sometimes, usually, everything works fine and the agent is in the property waiting with all the lights on and the property ready for your inspection. Those appointments will have been made based on the ‘average’ client pace and traffic. But schedules sometimes get thrown off and you may have to wait for a listing agent to arrive or even reschedule.
I’m sure there are a thousand other details, but you get the gist of it. If you’re comfortable and prepared you have a much better chance of finding the perfect Cabo property and enjoying yourself in the process.
Carol Billups is Broker/Owner of Cabo Realty Pros. You can read more of her articles on www.caborealtypros.com
© 2015 Carol S. Billups