what is ampi?

by jorge carrera, 2014 President of ampi los cabos

AMPI stands for Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios, A.C., you could say is the Mexican NAR (National Association of Realtors).   AMPI is a non-governmental, non-profit association that has been built through its history, by the vision of its different Members, Advisors and Boards, with the single focus of benefiting and professionalizing the Real Estate Industry in the country. 

AMPI National was founded in 1956, when a group of visionaries realized the need for gathering and organizing themselves to help raise the standards of those individual working in the Real Estate industry. At that time, it was known as “Unión Mexicana de Corredores y Administradores de Inmuebles A.C.”   In the 70’s, the name changed to AMPI.   By the early 1990's some distinguished brokers of the Los Cabos real estate community, took the initiative and were instrumental in bringing an AMPI Chapter to Los Cabos and later, the La Paz areas.  Many of the founding members of the first AMPI Los Cabos Chapter are still active.  Currently, there are over 160 registered members and the Los Cabos AMPI Chapter proudly boasts the most,  per capita members, that have been trained and certified as “Certified International Property Specialists” (CIPS) by the National Association of Realtors of the United States (NAR), than any other chapter in the entire Mexican nation.  AMPI has international agreements with NAR, CREA, FIABCI and ICREA, which transcends the globe in cooperative agreements.  You can be confident and secure that your real estate transaction is handled by a true professional if you are dealing with an AMPI affiliated agent!

The mission of the local Los Cabos AMPI Chapter is to be a private organization that brings together professional individuals working  in the Real Estate industry, under a clear set of Bylaws and Code of Ethics, and to promote integrity and continuous education among our Members. Violations of those Codes of Ethics can be reported and the offending member can be fined, suspended or expelled. 

Membership in AMPI is a sign of recognition and professionalism, it is not only recognized by the general public, but also by the government.  AMPI works hand in hand with the Federal, State and Municipal governments as an advisor in all related Real Estate matters.  AMPI has also been instrumental working with them on the continuous regulations that impact this important economic activity. 

If you are involved in any Real Estate transaction in Mexico, be sure to ask for your current agent AMPI registration card, this will give you peace of mind you are dealing with a knowledgeable,  professional agent, that conducts business within the highest ethical standards in the industry. 

​By Jorge Carrera, Pres. AMPI Los Cabos. For more information visit www.ampiloscabos.com, or write to info@ampiloscabos.com.