What Does it Mean to Sell My House

Furnished or Turn Key?

by carla di bernardi , Agent, cabo linda

I am finding that as a listing agent this has become an interesting issue.  Selling your home and it’s contents can be an emotional issue.  After all, there are wonderful memories attached to having lived in Paradise!   Those fancy margarita pitcher and glasses were the first items you bought for you new home or you may have brought down an inherited piece of furniture that reminds you of that certain family member.    Perhaps you have decorated with one of a kind custom made items that you do not think could be recovered in the listed price of your home.  You even may want to sell those privately outside of the sale of your home.

 I am not the emotional type. I am more a dollar and cents type of person and I don’t become attached too much by way of personal items, furnishings but I am starting to see the emotional ties that people have and aim to do a better job of really getting down to those issues at the time of the listing.  The goal in any real estate transaction is to have happy customers on both ends and for the experience to be positive.  Kind of the old “win-win” mentality.  

That is why I think it is a great idea to make an inventory list of your home right down to the nitty gritty of what you can and can’t part with.  Determine what you are willing to part with when selling your home as “furnished” and/or “furnished / fully equipped” and what you are not willing to part with.  By taking stock in your possessions and your emotional attachment to the possessions you will have a better idea at the end what you just aren’t willing to leave behind.  I highly suggest that you or your agent make a photographic inventory of everything in the house or condo.  Note clearly on each photo what is not included. 

Before or during the listing process, I highly suggest “downsizing” things you no longer use or wish to discard before making your photographic inventory. Besides making your home more attractive for that potential buyer, it starts the process of “letting go”. And several charities in the area are more than willing to make good use of your discards.  Great for everyone!

Doing an inventory will enable your agent to exclude those items in the sale of the home and will keep a clear and accurate representation as to what is being left for the new owners.  By taking stock of this beforehand, it will alleviate a lot of misunderstandings.  It also gives you the time to emotionally detach, if you decide to leave items behind.  Kind of gives you closure. 

Being educated in the selling of your property and being prepared is the “super key” to that pleasant experience. Although this may not seem like much to some in the end, I am seeing it more often than not.  Cabo San Lucas is a magical place to call home. The emotional attachment is there even if you say “nah that isn’t me” or “darn, I have to go back”.    So take my advice when selling, make that list and digest your decision before you list to make the selling process just as exciting as the buying process was years ago for you. 

By Carla Di Bernardo, Agent with Cabo Linda Real Estate. Contact Carla at 624-157-3987 or 619-906-1381.  Email: carla@cabolinda.net.