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By nick fong, broker, los cabos agent

Cabo San Lucas is one of Mexico’s top vacation destinations. Some people consider it to be the ‘Hollywood of Mexico’! On any given day you could see multiple celebrities such as movie stars, sports figures or popular musicians walking the streets of Cabo – a trademark name given to the city that caps Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Cabo is represented in Forbes Magazine as one of its Top Destinations for 2016. It has also been mentioned in several publications as having some of the most desirable beaches in North America.

The number of tourists who visit the area annually is overwhelming. According to ‘The Secretary of State Tourism board’, totals reached close to 1.9 million visitors in 2015. An increase of 11% over the previous year’s figures. Cabo San Lucas guests enjoyed the gorgeous weather, fabulous cuisines and a wide variety of entertainment. There are multiple cruise ships constantly waiting to unload thousands of anxious passengers. The United States makes up over 60 percent, while Canada adds another 7% to the total figures. Cabo is confident that they will see double digit increases over the next several years.

With all this said, would you think that Cabo San Lucas has a crime problem? Well it’s true in an argumentative way. Is there a city attracting so much international attention that doesn’t deal with related crime issues? I really can’t think of any right now. According to the online publication – Stratfor Worldview, Mexico’s Drug Cartels over the last century have been battling for territorial power and distribution channels. However, the struggle for the top position within these organizations seem to fall apart periodically. The splintering effect produces smaller crime cells which creates more obstacles for the Mexican government. The violence seems to increase immediately when these newly formed smaller organizations battle for territorial dominance.

Does eliminating the larger organizations mean that trafficking has be reduced or contained to less familiar regions? The answer is “no” and on the contrary, it makes it easier for them to move into some of Mexico’s premier resort destinations. The Sinaloa Drug and Jalisco New Generation Cartels have periodically clashed in certain areas of Cabo San Lucas. These organizations are well aware that settling their differences should be handled in more of a discrete way when at all possible. However, the latest shoot outs and battles for domain rights have on occasion spilled out into the streets. The good news is that the battles aren’t against tourists, but against rival organizations that want a piece of the action.

News outlets like America’s AP –Associated Press, New York Times and the BBC – British Broadcasting Corporation have latched onto Mexico’s increasing criminal activity involving organized crime. This in turn puts Mexico in the world’s spot light. Mexico’s Government has defined and narrowed in on the widely publicized issues and is dealing with it very effectively. Security has been stepped up and federal law enforcement has reduced the cartels presence in many of Mexico’s popular destinations.

I am somewhat curious, but have to ask. What does the free world think about Europe’s recent terrorist attacks or America’s random mass murders in public and private sectors? When sitting around the table planning your next trip or thinking about relocating or looking at investment opportunities, would you consider places like Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit or even Atlanta, where crime is increasing every year? If America doesn’t look real appealing at this point, how about Europe? Places like Barcelona, London, and even ‘Gay Paree’ have had their issues. Let’s face it, you can’t run away from crime. You can’t hide it or mask a problem that could at any time disrupt a pleasurable adventure or getaway.

Collateral damage from warring cartels has been very limited in Mexico’s public sector. Its crime wave has also been minimal in comparison to other popular destinations outside Mexico’s borders. However, there are obvious precautions that need to be taken when traveling or living abroad. If you are out and about in public, the following suggestions will point out a few simple things to be aware of. They are:

No matter where you are, always be aware of your surroundings. This cannot be stressed enough.
Try to always visit places like restaurants, bars or nightclubs with a partner. The more the better.
Do not get real loud, over boisterous and/or arrogant when in a public place. Don’t bring attention to yourself.
Always know where the nearest exits or escape routes are.
If you happen to stay out late, try to arrange transportation ahead time or before you leave. By all means do not walk home alone afterhours.
Do not get totally intoxicated especially when visiting an unfamiliar environment.

The above suggestions are basic rules of safety to follow. They not only apply to tourist, but expats and locals as well. When traveling anywhere in the world, you need to keep your wits about you and practice common sense. The odds of anything happening are very unlikely, but again, always be aware of your surroundings.

The most notable and convincing relief for tourism comes from Stratfor’s Worldview Author and Tactical Analysis Scott Steward. Steward’s article titled, There’s No Need to Panic Over The Mexico Travel Warning provides reasonable facts that there really isn’t anything to worry about when visiting Mexico. His analogy outlines Mexico’s troubled areas can be avoided very easily.

​Places like Cabo San Lucas are secure from any possible outbreaks of violence and provide a comfortable setting for its visiting guests.

Don’t let the media scare you from traveling to Mexico and especially Cabo San Lucas. Mexico officials will assure that every possible measure has been taken to secure a harmonious experience for its visitors, expats and local residents. In comparison to most all the other vacation destinations worldwide, statistically, Mexico is one of the safest places to visit and enjoy your time away. Life was meant to be explored. Breaking out of daily routines can keep our lives interesting.

Enjoy Cabo San Lucas and all it has to offer!                                                                           

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