To family and friends: why mexico?

by randy thompson

I wanted to reach out to the people who are experiencing their first or second

visit to Los Cabos with a desire to know what to do next. I hope you find this

helpful and somewhat of a guide.

I spoke with Cheryl Miller a friend and fellow associate at a recent MLS meeting. Cheryl is the liason for the MLS community with the Gringo Gazette magazine. In the past I received comments and likes from Cheryl indicating that she has read some of my psycho babble on facebook. Cheryl suggested I write a real estate article for the Gringo Gazette.  She added it will be good for additional exposure for your real estate career as well. I was flattered and told Cheryl that I would write something.

I pondered a few topics, and wondered what would be the most informative article I could write for newbees reading “the Gringo”.

I will try to eliminate the myths that create fear for many and the powers that be in the life of many that unduly influence your decisions. I realize there are problems in Mexico, I have lived here for 15 years and Mexican people are non‐violent in general. Mexicans are very hospitable and welcome visitors and residents from all nations.

I have encountered people who were ill informed about Mexico. and this perspective has had negative impact on some. Let me clarify this about Los Cabos, the municipality. Los Cabos translated into English is “The Capes” and the two cities San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are 20 miles apart. The municipality of Los Cabos entails 193 kms of waterfront along the tip of the Baja Peninsula.

Los Cabos’s growth exploded thanks to the NAFTA agreement and the discovery of this paradise in the early 1990’s. The fideicomiso was extended from a 30 year term to a 50 year renewable term lending confidence to the foreign investor.  We have hosted a G‐7 and G‐20 convention which warranted the building of a convention center, and second expressway from the International Airport t to Cabo San Lucas. Our recent growth is explosive with 8,000 rooms being constructed and growth throughout the municipality.

Statistically after your third visit you should be ready to find a permanent place for you and your loved ones. Your first visit you should get your bearings and an understanding of the various villages like Pescadero and Todos Santos on the Pacific coast and La Playita, La Ribera, Buena Vista, and Los Barrilles on the Sea of Cortez. Your options are numerous from purchasing a building site to work on a multi‐ phased plan to build a dream home or you may want to purchase something that is turnkey. You can never start planning too early for the good life that awaits you. You can rest assured that your home will be constructed with concrete with a solid granite foundation. The climate conditions here range from

14 C overnight…. like today, jaja to 27 C overnight in the summer. These conditions pose no stress on these type of structures, nor is there a reason for concern with moisture, living in the desert. This represents real value in your investment for generations to come.

You may be interested in reducing your stress level and the calming effect Mexico will have on you is obvious to all who have visited. It usually takes about a week until you begin to adopt the manana mentality.

Let’s have a good laugh on me, a sad sack s.o.b. who was behind the eight ball. I experienced stress from personal debt, insurance, bad relationships, bad weather, government mismanagement, to name a few. I allowed the banks to sell me on a false sense of security thinking I can afford that lifestyle. They didn’t warn me that I would have to run luck a hamster on a wheel for the rest of my life, just to maintain. That became stressful and took its toll on my health leaving me no choice but to change my situation financially and physically. The cold weather and years of personal abuse had my knees popping and back cracking. I became depressed when I realized that things would only get worse, based on my direction at the time.

I thought about how the weather affected my moods. I am a fair weather friend, and the sun makes me happy. The weather in Los Cabos has been a saviour allowing my old bones to warm up to the marrow jaja. I am more mobile and without excuses to exert myself. Add to that, living in progressive latin society and trying to keep up with their youthful enthusiasm, I am in hog heaven. I enjoy inexpensive organically grown produce combined with abundant sea food.

One more benefit of moving to Los Cabos is the increased opportunity to see old friends. I have never been so popular with more friends wanting to discover Mexico every day. The laughter you will share with friends is therapeudic, and they are more likely to visit you here than less popular destinations.

I hope I have been convincing in my attempt to kindle interest and motivation to move to paradise. There is much more to share, I am only scraping the surface to the benefits of living in Los Cabos. I hope you will embark on your own adventure and live

outside the lines for a while. it is not painful and can be beneficial to your healthy. Thank you for reading my article, Cuidate Y Viva Mexico !! Guero Choyero

You can contact me by e mail at  My cell number is 011 521 624 100 2028.