to build or not to build?

that is the question.

by cherine khouzam, agent, cb riveras, 

Owning a home is for many the culmination of a dream: to know that after the planning, saving and different options to choose from, your efforts are one step closer to reality. 

​Leaving aside the “dreamy” part, certain doubts arise: What is more convenient? Buying a house already built? Or should I find a lot and build upon my needs? What should I do? 

Food for thought:
Buying Ready Built
1.    Design: A house that has already been lived in was originally designed and thought for its owners, the new owners will need to adapt to the home OR adapt the home to their needs, which is functional for many.
2.    Cost Efficient: Sometimes, remodeling a house or parts of a house that has most of the characteristics on your wishlist can be a wise choice and mostly, it can be cost efficient.
3.    Instant Comfort: No matter what the original plan was, the house must be comfortable for your everyday activities, functional to all its residents and must reflect the owner’s personality to truly make it home.  This could be as simple as a paint job or as complex as a second story addition.
4.    Wow effect: In today’s market here in Baja California Sur, many homes are readily available for you to choose from. They may not be “exactly” what you were looking for but may have that that one aspect, that one wow factor, worthy of your consideration. It could be the proximity to our beaches, markets, schools or workplace, or have that one perfect room worth transforming into a dream.
5.    Green: Also, if you are environmentally-friendly, the aspect of recycling a “used” house into your home promotes an important and respected benefit.
6.    Convenience: If you choose Baja California Sur, Mexico as your Part Time Lifestyle, consider choosing a house in our ready Built Market as it is already there, waiting for you. You can freshen it up was you enjoy it.
7.     Whether buying already built or building to your needs, it is important that your personal signature is visible in every corner of the house throughout art, colors, furniture… this is what ultimately turns a house, any house, into your home

Choosing your home-site to build on
The most important reason to build a house is to make it match one’s specific needs and desires, and if you aren’t finding what you want in the “ready built” market, building your own maybe the best option.
1.    The Future: As we grow older and evolve, our habits, customs and preferences deepen within our routine and our house must accommodate us, our family, friends and even pets. From small things such as which side of the bed is our favorite, if I want to wake with the first daylight, where we like to read, to relax, to enjoy a good movie… all these situations facilitate our routine, making our house an extension of our activities. It is the architect that must translate these feelings, needs and customs into a plan. His job is to interpret and sort out the technical and aesthetics demands of the client.  
2.    Future Savings: Another reason to build are the costs and saving one might have; when building a house, maintenance and improvements are not to be considered until years later; a new house should come with warranties and the utmost satisfaction of having everything brand new.  
3.    Location Choice: You must also consider the characteristics of the terrain, basic structure of the house, local or imported materials and so on. 
4.    Control: Most importantly, when building you will definitely know and control the quality of the materials for the final result. Although it can mean a considerate saving, ultimately it will depend on the finishes one chooses for the property.  

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