the Time to invest is now

By nick fong, broker, los cabos agent

Is it getting close to retirement? Thinking about looking for that home away from home or investment property? If so, are you trying to decide on a destination that could serve two purposes, one being a vacation home, and another bringing in revenue when you aren’t around? Then look no further than Los Cabos.

There are so many reasons why the time is right to invest in the Baja Sur’s Cabo San Lucas area. The ease of flying into San Jose del Cabo’s up‐to‐date and modern three terminal airport, the tempered climate, and the value of the dollar should be enough to get you juices flowing. The accessibility from anywhere in North America is usually no more than a one connecting flight away.

Once you arrive, there are a variety of modes of transportation to and from the airport. You can choose from buses, taxis or shuttle services depending on your preference. They all follow Mexico’s Federal Highway 1 that gives glimpses of the beautiful deep blue Sea of Cortez. Depending on the form of transportation, it takes between 35 to 50 minutes to get to the heart of Cabo. From there you can reach your condo/house by either walking, taxi or public transportation.

The tip of the Baja California Sur has near perfect year round temperatures. Fun in the sun is a daily activity you can’t resist. November through May are very busy months. People come from all over to escape the cold weather plaguing most of North America. These six to seven months offer excellent rental potential and at the same time, a great place to take the family or spend a fun filled couple(s) vacation. The months of July, August and September are the warmest with average temps of 90 to 95 degrees (Fahrenheit) and bring plenty of summer tourist.

With the extraordinary exchange rate between the US & Canadian Dollars verses the Mexican Peso, the buying power is at an extreme advantage. This reason alone would be a perfect opportunity to get off the fence and apply basic economics. In simply terms, “You get more Bang for your Buck”. With property for sale in the Los Cabos area priced usually in US dollars, this makes it less attractive until you start thinking about things like paying under $300.00 a year on real estate taxes. This along with cheaper labor your can operate an average home for far less than back home.

Los Cabos and its growing communities that surround it have everything you and your guests would ever need. The restaurants and bar & grills offer five star cuisines that would compete favorably anywhere in the world. The variety of nightlife can be found and satisfy anyone’s flavor for entertainment. Spending the day shopping in the many boutiques that offer handcrafted accessories, jewelry and leather works to mention a few.

Investing in a place that boast some of the best beaches on Mexico’s Sea of Cortez and Pacific coasts which further draws in renters and vacationers. They also play host to the beautiful emerald waters that fill the Sea of Cortez. The horizon blends its majestic elements to create some of the most gorgeous sunsets ever seen. The tip of the Baja Sur not only offers the world famous Land’s End Arch, but also Lovers Beach where people can enjoy a day sunning and relaxing on this romantic destination.

If these are not enough reasons to entice you to invest in Los Cabos or you’re still not convinced, then maybe you should visit this fabulous oasis where the water meets the arid climate. See for yourself why millions of people vacation in what some call, “The Hollywood of Mexico”.

By: Nick Fong, Broker/Owner Los Cabos Agent, Featured Agent of HGTV’s Mexico Life and
Beachfront Bargain Hunt, 312‐725‐3664 (US) 624‐157‐3170 (Cabo)