three key elements to list

by lisa welsch, agent, coldwell banker riveras

Selling your home?  Sell with integrity and ease. Make a seamless and flawless sale. Here are three 
easy-to-follow recommendations on how you can achieve these goals and sell your home in Baja
California Sur fast and effortlessly.

1.  Have a pre-home inspection. By doing this you will eliminate renegotiations from the buyer based on pending items within your home. Prior to listing your property, you will have the ability to disclose any flaws or problems and/or decide which repairs you will take care of and which ones you will disclose to the buyer by stating that the home is being sold in its current condition.

By having a pre-home inspection you are letting your prospective buyers know that you have integrity and can demonstrate that the home is in good working order, well maintained and priced correctly. You will be eliminating any surprises for both you and the buyer for a smoother closing process.

2.  Obtain a title report – mostly applicable to residential/commercial lots. You will find out if there will be any legal issues or clouds with respect to the chain and links of the title and if the sub-division is properly recorded.  If your property was formerly Ejido Land, you can determine if there was compliance with the Agrarian laws affecting it.

            By obtaining the title report you will once again remove any obstacles and proceed to an easy closing.  It is well worth your time and money to demonstrate to prospective buyers that there are no clouds on title.  A buyer may elect to update the title report and if so the contingency period will be shorter and you will be confident that the report will prove that the title is clear.

3.  Obtain a survey and clearly mark the parameters of the property.  It is an easy way to specify its perimeter, which will make it easier for your agent to show it and will give confidence to the buyers that what they see is what they get.

Each of the above is complimentary to your listing and can be done when applicable; nonetheless, each one can help you sell your property faster, with less stress and more bargaining power on a well-established price.

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