solar energy in baja

An investment for Desert Living that pays off!

by todo solar

One of the biggest challenges facing humanity is how to solve the energy problem.

Currently the production of electricity is expensive, inefficient and generally produces harmful waste to the environment and for people.

To use solar energy in your home or business you need to install a solar photovoltaic system on the roof of your house to directly capture sunlight and convert into electricity.

One of the benefits it can provide the use of solar panels in your home or business, is that the sun is a natural energy source so there is no fee for the use of energy; Solar panels are easy to install and does not require any special wiring and require minimal maintenance, although the initial investment may be a little higher, depending on your electrical needs; however in the end you will see that the cost will be reflected in your energy bill.

It is essential to turn to companies specializing in the management and development of this technology, that have accreditation where they are recognized as a reliable company to ensure the effective and efficient implementation of projects. This increases the interest and participation of the population in general to promote a better offer in the market for renewable energy.

 The benefits of using Solar in Baja California Sur:  Lower the cost of your CFE bill by 95%
Types of solar systems: Lighting, Water Heating, Solar Pool Pumping Systems Grid tie systems, solar water pumps and more.


What to look for when hiring a solar company?

Does the company been in business for an extended period of time?
Does the company have trained personal in solar technology recognized by international associations?
Does the company have certifications in solar energy technology?
Does the company offer a range of quality and prices in their products?
Does the company offers installation and maintenance services?
Does the company have the ability to work with the governing agencies?
Do they offer guarantees and product warranties?
Do they offer financing?

For more information Contact - TODO SOLAR MX is a 100% national capitally owned corporation, created in July 1989 (26 years of experience) by its founder Ing. Octavio Orozco Alatorre, since our founding has been a priority for us to create in our state environmental awareness so we've invested some of our resources to promote the use of alternative technologies for power generation. TEL. 612-1230303//612-140-04476, If you want to produce your own power or savings on their electric power consumption , please contact us for Quote.