schooling your children in los cabos

By nick fong, broker, los cabos agent

Quite a few people for quite a few reasons ponder a move to Los Cabos where the weather is ideal virtually year round.  Los Cabos is growing every day and the opportunities for an excellent lifestyle are amazing. Homes in Cabo are priced to fit any budget.  For golden-agers the move is a no brainer but what if the family has school age children?  What are the academic possibilities?  How does education work in Mexico?  What kinds of schools are available in Los Cabos?  Let’s discuss education in Los Cabos, Mexico.
Schooling in Mexico is governed by the Secretariat of Public Education (Spanish: Secretaría de Educación Pública). Education standards are set by this Ministry at all levels except in "autonomous" universities chartered by the government (e.g., UNAM). Accreditation of non-public schools is achieved by a compulsory approval and registration with this institution..
Basic schooling
In Mexico, basic education is typically divided in three steps: primary school (primaria), comprising grades 1-6; junior high school (secundaria), comprising grades 7-9; and high school (preparatoria), comprising grades 10-12.
 Primary School
The terms "Primary School" or "Elementary School" usually corresponds to primaria, comprising grades 1-6, when the student's age is 6 to 12 years old. It starts the basic obligatory schooling system.
Depending on the school, a bilingual schooling may be provided from the beginning, where 50 percent the day instruction is in Spanish, and the rest is in a 2nd language, for example, English or French.
In Spanish, the general term for "school" is escuela, but in Mexico, it is common to use escuela for state-owned schools, which are the majority, while the term colegio is kept for non-public schools, usually charging higher tuition fees.
Mexican President Felipe Calderon signed a decree Feb 14, 2011 that allows for tax deductions of non-public school charges for preschool to high school levels starting in 2011.
The plan allows for deductions up to the amount the government spends on average per student in public schools for each level--from 12,900 pesos ($1,070) a year for primary school to MXN24,500 a year for high school.
Junior High
The terms "Junior High School" or "Middle School" normally corresponds to secundaria, comprising grades 7-9, when the student's age is 12 to 15 years old. It is part of the basic compulsory education system; it follows primary school, and comes before proper "high school" (preparatoria).
At this level, far more specialized subjects may be taught similar to Physics and Chemistry, and World History.
High School
The term "High School" (United States)) generally corresponds to preparatoria or bachillerato, comprising grades 10-12, when the student's age is 15 to 18 years old. it must incorporate a national subject at least.
Preparatoria customarily consists of 3 years of schooling, divided into six semesters, with the first semesters having a typical curriculum, and the latter ones making it possible for some degree of specialization, either in physical sciences (electricity, chemistry, biology, and so on.) or social sciences (commerce, philosophy, law, etc.).
The term preparatoria is most frequently used for institutions which provide a three-year schooling program which "prepares" the student with common know-how to go on learning at a university. In contrast, the term bachillerato is most often used for institutions which provide vocational training, in two or three, so the graduate student can get a job as a skilled worker, for example, an assistant accountant, a bilingual secretary or an electronics technician. are to do what they went to school for and what they want to be like to be a teacher, secretary, or anything else.
Los Cabos has no shortage of schools each public and private.  Here are just some of the choices of non-public schools with fantastic English programs:
Colegio El Camino  K – 12
Centro Educativo Intregral Juan Bosco 7 – 9
Montessori Casa de los Niños Cipactlicali  K – 6
Papalote  1 – 6
Colegio Amaranto  pre K – 6
Instituto Peninsular 7 – 12
Centro Escolar Picacho (Colegio McGregor) pre K – 12
Instituto Baldor 7 – 12
Instituto Intencional Libertad  pre K – 12
Centro Educativo Cactus y Mar  1 – 6
Colegio Ugarte de Los Cabos  1 – 12
The above list is a sample of what is available in Los Cabos.  In addition to these schools that cover primary through high school there are quite a few nursery schools for the pre-schooler.  
Your Real Estate Agent can supply far more details on these and other schools as well as aiding you in your search for Homes in Cabo.
By Nick Fong, Broker, Los Cabos Agent, 312-725-3664 US Line, 624-157-3170 Cabo Line​