by John K. Glabb,  CIPS, The Settlement Company

A person who is actively selling real estate is called a REALTOR®. Is this TRUE or FALSE? Actually it is FALSE. The word REALTOR® is a trade mark of the National Association of Realtors. (NAR) Ownership of the word trade mark has been challenged several times in the United States courts. NAR always wins the case. The associations symbol a capital R with a blue back ground is also trade mark protected. Real estate professionals call those who sell from their car in a bar, via internet or maybe a hotel lobby, “coyotes.”

 NAR maintains formal relationships with more than 80 organized real estate associations around the world, giving REALTORS® confidence in working with professionals that abide by a code of ethics. These bilateral partnerships exist in nearly 60 countries to help you establish business partnerships and referral opportunities. It is the largest trade association in the United States with more than 1 million members.

Cooperating Associations – There are 81 associations outside of the United States that serve the real estate community in their respective countries. NAR has agreements in nearly 60 countries. Realtors around the world may pay a fee and become “International Members” of NAR. Several years ago, AMPI and NAR signed an agreement. Under it, a portion of AMPI annual fees go to NAR and in return the members may use the word

REALTOR® and the “R” trade mark. The agreement for 2017 has not yet been signed. That is expected to take place in February at the Inauguration of the AMPI President for 2017, when NAR officials travel to Mexico City for that event. Beatriz Gamboa Lago from Merida is the incoming AMPI President. She is the second female to hold that position in the more than
50 year history of AMPI.

It should also be noted that Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) designees around the world who have paid their Annual fee are also authorized to use the word s REALTOR® and the NAR trade mark symbol.

About the author
John K.Glaab, CIPS is a founding member of AMPI Los Cabos. In 2012, he was named International Realtor of the Year by NAR. John is Vice

President of International Marketing at The Settlement Company®



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