Prepare your home for inspection

by Gary Kaufman, Los cabos home inspections

Home Inspection and Your New Home.
In the United States and Canada, a Home Inspection is a required step in the purchasing process, even though official Building Inspectors inspect every aspect of the building during the construction process. Here in Mexico, Building Inspectors are not required.  If you are considering purchasing a home or condo here in Baja California Sur, consider using a Professional Certified Home Inspector before you buy. Many real estate offices offer Home Inspection as an optional contingency on their Offers to Purchase and any bank issuing a loan will require a Home Inspection.   The cost of Home Inspections is normally borne by the Buyer.  Repairs and replacements are often put into an Offer to Purchase as a contingency of the sale. Home Inspectors will look at structural components, electrical, plumbing, roofing, pool/pool equipment, HVAC, the exterior and interior, appliances, outdoor cooking equipment, septic and solar systems. 

Prepare Your Home for Inspection

1.    Clean the House. This sounds so simple, yet home owners often overlook this. The Home Inspector needs access to all areas throughout your home and will be taking photos of all items inspected which will be viewed by prospective buyers.
2.    Be On Time Because the Inspector Will Be. If an inspector makes an appointment with you for 9:00AM, have the house ready for inspection at 8:30 AM. It’s also common for inspectors to start out on the exterior of the home, so leave the shades down or drapes drawn until you are dressed. More than one unprepared seller has been “surprised” by a stranger stomping around in the back yard.
3.    Leave the Utilities Connected. The Home Inspector will need to turn on the stove, run the dishwasher, test the furnace, air conditioning, etc. Make sure the utilities on, especially if the house is vacant. Have all remote controls available and check the batteries. It’s impossible to check receptacles for grounding and reverse polarity if the power is turned off.  Without utilities, the inspector will have to reschedule, which could delay the closing of your transaction and the removal of the buyer’s home inspection contingency.
4.    Provide Workspace Around A/C Condensers and Water Heaters. Remove boxes, bookcases, furniture and anything else blocking access to your air conditioner condensers and water heater. The Inspector will need three to four feet of working space to inspect these items. 
5.    Keep Pilot Lights Ignited. Many Home Inspectors will refuse to light pilot lights because they are not covered for that type of liability. If your pilot lights are not lit, then important items such as the water heater, gas stove or furnace will not be inspected and this could delay closing.
​6.    Provide Access to Attic and Garage. The Inspector will need to get into your basement and/or attic, as well, so keep a path cleared. Move boxes away from the walls. Vacuum spider webs.
7.    Leaves the Keys for Outbuildings & Electrical Boxes. Leave the remote controls for your garage door opener or a key if the garage is unattached to the house. Unlock the covers for your sprinkler system and electrical boxes. Leave the key for any exterior buildings.
8.    Clear Away Brush from Exterior Inspection Points. Provide a path around the house. In the summer, cut down dead tree branches and clear brush from the foundation. Move trash cans away from the house. Make sure if you have a pet that your dog is tied up and you inform the Inspector.  Remove debris from roofs.
9.    Provide Repair Documents. Make available to the Inspector all invoices and documents regarding remodeling projects or new items such as a roof or HVAC.  If you have upgraded the electrical from ungrounded to grounded, installed a new dishwasher or repaired a leaky faucet, find the paperwork. It will give the buyer peace of mind to know these items were re-inspected.
10.    Prepare to be Away for Three Hours Minimum. Often the buyer will accompany the home inspector. Many Buyers feel uncomfortable asking questions if the owner is present. Try to schedule a time for the inspection when you can be out of the house, take the children and dogs with you.
11.    Have the Jacuzzi filled with Water and Make Sure Power is On. Make sure that the Jacuzzi and outdoor spas are filled with water to the correct height and that the unit is turned on so that when the Inspector comes , no time is lost waiting for them to fill. 

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​Consider a Pre-Home Inspection before you list your property!  Buyers and Sellers receive from our company an easy to read itemized report with photos of every item  inspected.