pre-listing inspections

By gary kaufman, los cabos home inspections

    As the seller, many people think that only the home buyer has a home inspection upon buying the home. However, the seller can benefit from a pre-listing inspection because it avoids unnecessary problems down the road. If you’re selling your home, consider getting a pre-listing  home inspection

How Does a Pre-Listing Inspection Work?
Normally, the pre-listing inspection is performed before the home is listed on the market. This allows prospective buyers to see the condition of the home prior to negotiations being made. Having the inspection performed after negotiations can cause all kinds of issues on the part of the buyer, so it’s easy to see how this kind of inspection can benefit everyone involved.
The inspector will provide a detailed inspection and create a report. The seller and real estate agent then review the report for approval, and may choose to adjust the listing price or other factors. Then, the report is published and available to real estate professionals and prospective buyers.

What Are the Benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection?
As I said before, the benefits are numerous. Being upfront about the condition of the home will help to eliminate conditional offers or issues with negotiations, resulting in the seller having to sell the home more than once because the buyer has changed their mind. Everything is agreed upon before the listing is published and the home goes on the market, which minimizes the liability for all parties.
On top of this, if the home is found to be in better condition than originally thought, the price can reflect this. The buyer is also more likely to make an offer without their own inspection because one has already been performed, which can increase the speed at which the house is sold and changes hands. There will be no conflicting information making the transaction complicated—just peace of mind for everyone, and a smoother, quicker process where everyone wins.

If you’re selling your home, I highly recommend considering a pre-listing inspection to make your sale as quick and easy as possible.
If some items are detected the Home Inspector can re inspect the home after all repairs are made and the re inspection report will show the house is in good condition with NO items detected.
The final copy of the Inspection Report can be printed out and shown to all potential buyers

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