pay your bills remotely?

by terry gray curtis, agent century 21

Why yes you can and it is not much different than paying bills in the USA or Canada. Most bills can be paid with a credit card and or a Mexican bank wire transfer on‐line. Once you have accounts set up you will receive bills electronically, usually before it hits your front door. Another way to pay your bills remotely when you are here or not is to set it up with your Mexican Bank here, in advance. This is a process in which the banks receive the bills and pays them from your pre‐funded peso account.

Let’s start with the basics;
CFE (electricity), go to to register. Have a copy of your bill in front of you when you do this to make it easy. Once you have an account, follow the instructions to pay with a credit card on‐line or a direct deposit from a few Mexican Banks. The other option is the CFE office across from La Comer on Highway 19. Remember that you must use pesos to pay your CFE bill, not USD. Using this website requires the knowledge of Spanish although there is an English button that does not seem to work.

Tel‐mex (phone‐internet), go to to register, this one also is very easy. This site is in Spanish as well and if that is a problem call the 1‐800 number on your bill and ask for an English speaking person. They will be happy to walk you through it while you are on line. Within your account you may choose to pay the bill with a direct deposit from your Mexican Bank or a credit card. You can also walk in the Tel‐Mex office on Hildago Avenue stand in line inside or go to the automated machines next door.   Tel Mex has improved their customer service dramatically; the reason for this is they have competition. In Mexico City or Guadalajara there are options for your telephone or internet provider and it is coming to Cabo.

Tel‐Cel (cell phone), go to to set up your account. You may call customer service on your cell phone @ star 111 and choose English assistance to be walked through the account set up if you need help. When you receive your bill in your email log in to the site, choose to pay, then by credit card and then it is basically the same as the others. Tel‐cel has several offices around town you can walk in and pay your bill.

OOMSAPAS (water), go to to register, have the bill in front of you. The website is in Spanish and don’t bother calling. After you register and it says you are good to go, it may not work. Click forgot password, it will send you a confirmation to your email, click that and then it should work properly, did for me. You can view the bill and then click pay online with your credit card. This is a good one to pay more than you owe, then just fill it up every few months so you don’t have to do it monthly, the amounts are usually so small. Again you may walk in the door of the hard to find office on Guerro and Coronado and pay with pesos.

SKY (tv), go to‐state=trj420v8_4 to register your account. They will send you an email to confirm it. This site is pretty user friendly but again in Spanish only it seems. Calling the non 1‐800 number can sometimes get you an English speaking person to help.

Predial (property taxes), go to  then enter your property tax ID number in the window and hit search. If you don’t know where to find that number, give me a call and I will help you find it. After your account comes up on the screen, on the bottom of the page there is a button to pay online with your credit card, this one is very simple. You may also go to the Delegation by the Red Cross and take a number. Discounts are applicable if paid before the end of May of the same year on our already ridiculously low property taxes.
All of these links and instructions were current at the time of publication but could be subject to change amigos. Another option to pay these bills is at any OXXO, all you need is the bill and the fun tickets (pesos). With most of the sites requiring the knowledge of Spanish language this can create a challenge for some. It is important to remember if you have these bills, you are living in this country at least part time and you should try to learn the language. If you have not already or don’t want to,
then help our economy by hiring a fine upstanding local that will be happy to assist you with setting up
these accounts.  
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