more reasons to live in cabo!

by terry gray curtis, agent, century 21

If you live in the good ole US of A or have recently then you are accustomed to having the
government involved in most aspects of your life to some degree on a daily basis.  Most everyone is just so used to it, that they don’t even notice it and if they do they think; well this is how it is.  Now maybe our local, state or federal government would be more involved if they could but the resources to do so, do not exist to the same degree as in the USA.

What does this mean to us who live here? Well, some problems, you either learn to live with it or you fix yourself.  This is the structure of our community, and helping each other solve problems together instead of relying on big brother to do it for us is normal.  This standard also brings the local community and the foreign community closer.  Kind of reminds me of earlier times, a simpler time in the USA as a kid in the 60’s where camaraderie and group efforts to help other people or groups were normal.  This is present here in Los Cabos with the different organizations we have from helping lost animals to the underprivileged and the elderly. 

Another sense that has deteriorated over the years north of the border is the “family”.  Between electronics, both parents having to work these days to make ends meet and the media, family values have been reduced.  Here in Mexico and Cabo family comes first, just look around the next time you are here to see how many generations are running a family business.  And yes maybe the 17 year old daughter is serving your Margarita, less government remember!  Grandpa is in the kitchen and if one of the kids has to go to the hospital, the family business may open late that day.  These are the inherent values of the culture for the most part.  Again reminding us of nicer and kinder times we live with, in Los Cabos.

I can share a perfect example with you.  While driving a couple from Oklahoma to see properties on the East Cape one day we came upon a car with the hood up, we were on the coast dirt road.  I stopped to see if the 2 women needed help and after finding a loose battery terminal they were re-started and on their way.  My clients indicated that they wouldn’t have stopped, which I didn’t understand as there was no one around to help them.  Their comment was, “well we would have been afraid of someone hiding off the side of the road that could have ambushed us”, much to my surprise.  I told them that thought never even crossed my mind.  Maybe I am naïve but I have been in several countries in North Africa where that should be a genuine concern but quite honestly I feel safer in Los Cabos because of the culture and kindness you will find is the norm. 

If you long for the sense of community, respect and family you recall growing up, you’ll find lots to appreciate and enjoy about life today in Los Cabos.

By Terry Curtis, Century 21 Paradise Properties, Cabo Resort Properties. USA/Canada +1 (310) 272-9500, Local Cell 011-521 (624) 151-5530,