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Mar adentro in san jose del cabo

private residences, homes and condos

Mar Adentro brings the refreshment of the sea to each of its private residences. Through the harmonious union of architecture with water, fire, earth and wind, nature emerges as the protagonist. Mar Adentro sets a new standard for oceanfront and ocean view living in Los Cabos. 

The hotel and residences located in the Hotel Zone of San Jose del Cabo are suspended over the mirrors of the seawater. Seen from the sky, Mar Adentro becomes a harmonic archipelago, a set of small white islets perfectly assimilated into the seascape.

A poetic space, where everything flows and melds with nature. The interiors and exteriors form a unit, creating a continuity without definitive inside and outside spaces.
Contact: Janet Jensen/Snell Real Estate, 624-624-141-6726.