Life in los cabos

by Carla di bernardO

When touring prospective buyers I always get asked “What life is like living here?”.  “Is there enough here to keep you busy”, is another question I hear which seems to tie into the first question.  My initial general answer is that life is what you make it wherever you live. However, I go into more detail about the vast opportunity to a fulfilling life here in Los Cabos and Baja. 

There are ample beach days of course, but, there is more to Los Cabos than the beautiful beaches.  We have great opportunity to get involved with the community, with our neighborhood.  I found at my age, when I moved here, it was way easier to make friends of like mind.   You seem to find your own niche.  Our neighborhood Facebook page was my first stop.  I acquainted myself with people that lived in one of our phases and then I reached out and met them.  After three years I have to say I have some of the best friends I have ever had in my life.  We even see each other outside of Mexico when the stars align.  After that it bloomed into weekly happy hour meetings at our club, bunco nights, steak nights, boat outings, etc.  Honestly, sometimes I have to schedule home nights just to chill.  You will find that you will become as active as you want to be.

Then there is the outreach in the community.  Fundraisers, volunteering, gyms, classes, art walks.  There again you can find a plethora of entities on Facebook which easily unites you to an organization or club.  From there again you can be as active as you want to be.  Getting involved in the giving side is very rewarding.  This year my friend brought down backpacks for children, organized participation in a very enjoyable evening boat ride fundraiser Santa “Sandy” Clause is giving of his time to bring joy to the community children and parents as well.  There are ample places to hike, explore and to view nature and the small pueblos throughout our peninsula too.

Again I have to say life is what you make it but being here in this beautiful environment with amazing views and genuinely lovely people makes this place I call home an easy enjoyable and rewarding place to live. 

By Carla Di Bernardo, Cabo Linda Real Estate, 619-906-1381, 624-157-3987