And Just Why Can’t You List Your Property In Summer?

No reason!


It’s tempting to list your property when you see so many visitors and snowbirds flocking to the warm climate and gorgeous views of La Paz every winter. However, my advice to home sellers is to list your property during the summer months. We have our reasons, and will share them with you.

1.     First of all, your agent isn’t as busy showing buyers around and making offers on existing listings
2.    That means they have more time to really look at your property, make suggestions, recommend repairs/decluttering and staging that needs to be done.  La Paz buyers are becoming more and more sophisticated and even demanding.  In order to sell your property in this market, you need to really show it off.   Decluttering, repairs of broken tiles, repainting and deep cleaning of house and furniture all needs to be done and that takes time.
3.     Paperwork can be time consuming and if you list during the summer, you have time to get all the paperwork together, instead of rushing around, trying to list and show the house all at the same time.
Paperwork includes (at a minimum):  

-    a copy of your fideicomiso or escritura
-    photocopies of ID for each legal owner
-    evidence of HOA fees paid and up to date
-    evidence of property taxes (predial) paid and up to date
-    copies of utility bills and evidence that they are up to date
-    the name and contact information of your lawyer here in the Baja if you have one
-    a copy of your power of attorney, if you have one here in the Baja
-    a signed MLS listing form giving authority to a Realtor here to show your property, noting commission and sales price.

4.    Once the repairs, decluttering, and cleaning is done, staging is the next step. In order for your home to attract the best buyers and get top dollar, staging your home is important.  I don’t mean redoing the furniture, but I do mean, setting out a few pots of flowers, perhaps setting the table with a charming dish set and a bottle of wine and wine glasses, changing the bed coverings, adding some decorative vases, changing a piece of furniture or two, or redoing the cushions on the outdoor furniture.  I have a couple of experts in staging who I would recommend, should you wish to list your property with Diamante Associates.
5.    And lastly, remember the phrase “a picture tells a thousand words”.  I use a professional photographer for my photos, and I believe it is more than worth the cost of approximately USD $100 for my clients, but they have the photos for their memories and their beautiful, clean, repaired, decluttered and newly staged home is now photographed and listed and ready to be sold.
To do all of the above properly, consider listing your property or at least getting it ready for listing during the summer months, so that by November 1st, you are ready to put it officially on the market and get it sold.

MLS Agents  are always available and willing to give advice on how to best prepare your property for listing and sale.
Heather Borquez. Diamante Associates Real Estate 214 Alvaro Obregon, La Paz. . La Paz Cell: 044 612 157 1984