international community working 

for Mexico 

from  john K. glaab, CIPS, by anne mc enany

The International Community Foundation-Working for Mexico

By Anne Mc Enany, President –C.E.O. ICF

Have you heard of the International Community Foundation or ICF?  An international nonprofit organization, ICF grants to local organizations throughout Mexico (and many other countries in Latin America) to improve health, education, and environmental outcomes.  In fact, since it began in 1990, ICF has granted over $70 million to carefully vetted initiatives, particularly in Baja California and Northwest Mexico.   To see year’s Baja California Sur Giving Guide and see more about the types of groups that ICF supports:

ICF works with U.S. donors to provide tax-deductions for their gifts – and to ensure that these funds reach effective projects, programs, and organizations.   ICF offers a simple charitable giving process that makes it easy to support international causes.  ICF’s donors contributed over $13 million in fiscal year 2017 to support projects like:

·         Eliminating dengue and zika in Mexico;

·         Keeping kids in school through scholarships and teacher training;

·         Protecting groundwater resources and testing near-shore water quality to ensure swimmable, drinkable water;

·         Responding to disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes in Mexico;

·         Jumpstarting a cancer registry for Baja California Sur; and many more.


How can you get more involved?  You can make a meaningful gift on ICF’s website to one of the nonprofits listed there or you can contact Anne McEnany, ICF’s President & CEO, to get more information about how to contribute stock, a gift from your IRA, life insurance, or other assets.   

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