furnishing you new home in mexico

By nick fong, broker, los cabos agent

Your new home is ready to go and all you need to do is pick out new furnishings. When furnishing your new home in Mexico you want to give it a style all its own, but stay practical at the same time. Owning property south of the border in a climate and terrain that not everyone is familiar with can become a bit complicated. I would like to offer some suggestions that might save you time, money and possibly a few headaches.

When outfitting your new digs you should decide on a budget, its functional purpose or use, and a specific theme you want to portray. Is the property going to be your home, a second or vacation home or an investment and/or a combination of both? Here is when you decide to purchase really nice or just nice furnishings. If you and your family will be the only tenants using the property, then probably looking at nicer furniture and appliances is a logical option.

Considering the year-round weather being warm to very hot, leather or a synthetic fiber seems much more practical than cloth. If you choose cloth, consider that when you sweat, sit down in wet clothing and/or covered with lotions, it is very difficult to clean. At least with leather or a synthetic fabric, all you do is use a deluded cleaning solution to wipe down the furniture’s smooth surface. If you decide to rent your unit out for any length of time, leather or a similar material is still the most sensible choice.

When selecting your appliances, remember that things seem to rust a little faster in the Cabo San Lucas area because of being so close to the sea. If you as an owner will be maintaining and cleaning the appliances, buying a little higher quality product would be money well spent. If renting your home out for investment purposes, I would stay away from the higher cost of stainless steel. If you are not there to clean and polish them down periodically, most likely they will start to rust after a few years. Its not that they won’t last their life expectancy, it just that the cosmetics of the appliances won’t be as eye appealing. White appliances hide flaws much better than the showcasing shininess of stainless steel. If applicable, just remember that it is a rental and functionality is everything.

Bedroom furniture isn’t really that difficult to decide on. Actually, it’s the least used room in the house. When picking out mattresses, again will you and your family be the only occupants staying in the home? If so, select your own degree of comfort. In an investment situation, using a higher firmness usually last longer and sags less. Try to stay away from bed lamps made of glass and go with metal or wood. This is advised for both owner and rental purposes. When something gets knocked off at night, your first reactions is to step out of bed. Enough said.

Depending on your home’s motif, I would stay away from glass end-tables and dining room sets. Especially when using your home as a vacation rental. When vacationing in sunny Cabo San Lucas, people have a tendency to indulge in some thirst quenching fun. If things get a little happy and spirits rise, things sometimes end up broken. Glass is the worst material to assure proper clean up and disposal. It is suggested to keep with solid fixtures and nick knacks. There are always exceptions to the rules. As an owner, you make those decisions.

When accenting your walls, keep in mind that you are in Mexico and not in downtown Boston or Kansas City. You are on or very close to the beaches and the beautiful Pacific waters. A few themes that you might want to consider are a beachy-nautical, Mexican tradition or a modern contemporary with a traditional flare. Let’s start with the modern contemporary décor. This would be more for an owner only usage. It would be cared for and not messed with by renters and their usual curiosity. This particular style would include one of a kind or artist originals.

If your new home in Mexico was purchased mainly for investment, then a simple traditional or beachy-nautical décor would be appropriate and very affordable. Stay with commercial grade art pieces and don’t worry about filling every space in the home. This is not to say that either one of these two themes wouldn’t work for owner occupied as well. If staged right, both settings will be very eye appealing and provide a fun atmosphere.

Outside patio furniture is probably the hardest part of your home to decide on. The functionality is important, but keep in mind the sun and sea air plays havoc on outdoor furniture. If there is a place to store it when you aren’t around, metal chairs with cushions and tables are a nice choice. If your home is an investment property, plastic is your most logical choice. However, in either scenario there are places where you can get decorative plastic furniture. It will cost a little more, but will be more formal and stylish.

I hope these suggestions will be somewhat helpful. Everyone faces frustrations in one form or another when trying to accomplish the final touches. Just remember this, “When it is all said and done, life in paradise is well worth the effort put forth”. So sit back, grab your favorite beverage and enjoy the beautiful sunsets.


By: Nick Fong, Los Cabos Agent, 624-157-3170 (cabo) 312-725-3664 (US), nick@loscabosagent.com