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el pescadero - the pacific

With a population of approximately 2,500 inhabitants, Pescadero is considered an oasis in the desert as it is wedged between the Sierra de Laguna Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. It is rich in farmland producing organic crops consumed by locals, restaurants and hotels, as well as for exportation. You’ll find basil, chilies, aromatic herbs, strawberries among many more regional produce.
It is also a surfer’s paradise! Cerritos Beach is for beginners and intermediate surfers while San Pedrito is for the more seasoned surfer, both with the right surfing breaks for you. See Cerritos Beach
And what about the real estate market? Opportunities in Pescadero go from large tracts of land to small ¼ acre lots.  Several new building projects are underway with a healthy mix of national and foreigners enjoying everyday life in here.
Perfect climate, relaxed lifestyle and delicious food await for you!
By Lisa Welsch, Most photos by Alvaro Colindres

Contact Lisa Welsch  612 140.1414, or Alvaro Colindres at 612.108.1030 of CB Riveras for more information.

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