economic development in bcs 

from  john K. glaab, CIPS, 

In his “INFOFRME” Carlos Mendoza, Governor of Baja California Sur reported that our state is the leader in Economic Development. In the Third Quarter of 2017, B.C.S. led Mexico with 13.6% growth. He also report that the level of “extreme poverty in the state has been reduced 50% in the last several years. While tourism is the economic motor of the state, several major construction projects also made significant contributions. Currently, 5,000 new hotel rooms are being built in Los Cabos.
In other news, the Baja 1,000 kicked off November. Starting in Ensenada it is the 50 the anniversary of the classic. There are 406 competitors from 28 countries competing in the race.

A Mexican father and son team has won the Baja Mil (1,000), breaking the hold that foreign drivers have held on the event. Twenty one year old Carlos Lopez and his father teamed up to be the winners. They are from the municipality of Tecate, Baja California.

The was the first time in many years as foreigner did not win the 50 year old  annual, classic. Former champion B.J Baldwin was an early casualty when his transmission failed just outside San Felipe. The event was a winner for hotels and restaurants all down the Peninsula.

By John Glabb of the Settlement Company,,