Remodeling project?

should I or shouldn't i?

by wendy knapp, rhionda & knapp

I frequently get asked from homeowners which remodeling projects are worth considering if the home might be sold within a few years. For example, a minor kitchen remodel recoups 200 percent in our area, far higher than the national US or Canadian average, mostly due to our Buyer's time frame and "long distance factor.  When preparing a home for sale, other factors need to be considered such as time to market as well as the home seller’s budget.  For example, if the market is red hot, taking time to perform a major remodeling   job might cause the home seller to “miss the market” and eliminate any potential gains from the project. Or even worse, lose more money on home sales price than was invested into the remodeling

As a general rule, the following items are a pretty sure bet to freshen up any house for sale for minimal costs: 

• Cleaning and De-cluttering:
​This is an absolute must. You’re moving anyway or upgrading, so start getting rid of years of accumulation before your home goes on the market.  The entire house and all windows should also be professionally cleaned.  Many of our properties are rentals, so it is not always convenient or easy to keep in show condition, but, advance notice with perhaps a perk or discount to the renter if the property sells during their stay.  Depersonalizing also helps to put the Buyer" in the property", instead of feeling like they are a "voyeur", then can start to visualize as it being theirs.

Fresh interior paint can make a home feel brighter and even bigger. Since colors can be very personal, neutral colors provide a better choice for home selling. •Minor Landscaping: The front of your home is the first thing buyers see.  Make sure it looks neat and tidy.  Add colorful flowers front and back, trim trees and bushes.   Make sure the home is well light, to had a soft, "homey" feel.  

•Replacing or Cleaning Carpets/Appliances :  
If carpets, especially front door mats are in  bad shape, again, this is the first impression, either replace or discard. Put away old or yellowed small appliances as well as personal toiletry items.


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