Home Improvements:

The biggest BanG For Your Buck

By Joni ross, agent, the agency

   Making smart choices when it comes to home improvements is important. You want to make sure that the improvements not only add comfort, improve your quality of life while enjoying your home, in addition, will add  value when it comes time to sell.

  I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I've been selling real estate for over 30 years, ten of those years in Los Cabos. I have assisted several clients with remodeling and home improvements.  My suggestions are based on my experience and factual data. 

Whether your home is in need of a face lift or just a “nip and a tuck” be smart about your decisions.

 Let's talk about the KITCHEN
The kitchen is what many consider to be the heart of the home. When I entertain everybody is in the kitchen. Sofas and chairs are void of bodies.  My guests are all happily congregating in the kitchen. I, actually consider this  to be a phenomenon. 
Professionals state that you can recoup at least 60% to 100% or more of your investment. Simple things like paint, tile, lighting and updating fixtures can make a big difference. If you are going to remodel make sure you don't go overboard. Always keep in mind a functional kitchen is a desirable kitchen. Energy efficient appliances, proper lighting are a must when updating. Do research and try to avoid trends. 

SOLAR energy
In Los Cabos we now have the opportunity to convert to solar. Our local utility companies are on board! In my opinion, this would definitely be an improvement that will add value to your home. I just received an estimate and it's less than the average kitchen remodel.
In addition to solar there are other improvements that will add value and save you money in the long run. Energy efficient windows and doors are at the top of the list. Tankless energy efficient hot water heaters are pretty sexy.

Buyers want garages. If you can add one, DO IT. 

If you can't add a garage and can add a carport, DO IT.  Covered parking is a highly desirable.

Nobody is ever excited about making this investment. The reality is, you should. The peace of mind you have when they are in place and a storm is brewing is priceless. If your home is not protected against the elements, all that money you just spent on that kitchen remodel may just blow away.

 Reinventing your space.
Maybe there is a room in your home that could serve you better. Perhaps the kids have moved out and that space can become a home office, game room, craft room or? Rooms that are versatile appeal to buyers. Lastly, but definitely important, basic updating. Patch holes, fresh paint, replace old electrical outlets, new light fixtures, fresh window coverings will all add appeal and value with a small investment. 

Remember, it is important to consult your legal or financial advisor about obtaining proper documentation for improvements if you want to be able to take advantage of the tax benefits  when you are ready to sell.

 By Joni Ross, The Agency, Real Estate Advisor, t: +52 624 146 9200 | m: +521 624 168 3715, www.TheAgencyLosCabos.com