beginner's guide to real estate 

by leticia diaz rivera, BROKER, coldwell banker riveras

Who? When? Where? Why? Wow!
More than once we have listened that a friend, a neighbor, a relative or the girl next door bought a vacation home or a residential lot to build and continue investing in their future. Does this makes you wonder: How much did they invest? Where is the property? How did they do it? But most importantly, how can I invest in real estate too? 
There can be several answers to your questions, but all of those agree with the fact that being a property owner gives you security and confidence. If you are planning to invest in real estate, you have to considerate a property that will mark the difference and will give you certainty that you are making the right decision. When you are well advised, buying a property is easy and simple and becomes a process you can share with your family. Real Estate agents in the Los Cabos area have the experience and market knowledge to help you find the perfect property to suit your needs. The process is easy once you allow a real estate specialist to support you. Considering that our trusting agents are members of AMPI (Real Estate Mexican Association), they will be able to help you with: 
•    First things first: what do you need? A pet friendly apartment? A home big enough to welcome visiting family and friends? Or a land to plan, develop and build your home? Once your needs are well defined you will be surprised of the many great options you can find. 
•    Define your budget. With this information, your real estate agent can give you some options with the characteristics you are looking for and you will have the opportunity to view them and decide which one is the right one for you.
•    Once you have toured and viewed your options, your real estate agent will be in charge of the rest: present an offer to the seller with terms and conditions that could include credits and contingencies to accommodate your needs. Your agent will be following the process throughout and keep you informed on a regular basis about any advances or documents that could be needed. 
•    As soon as you have an accepted offer, your agent will work meticulously with the Closing Agent to coordinate the transfer of funds and closing of the sale.
•    Finally, it is time to go to the Notary and sign the tittle of your property! Don´t forget your camera to capture this moment. 
The residential options inventory (whether from a developer or private parties) and easy financing options allow this easy process to be a great experience.
Is time to stop wondering when, why and how to do it and just DO IT!
Leticia Diaz Rivera – Coldwell Banker Riveras Broker, ​