Baja Living

by Terry Curtis, Century 21
Living in the Baja can be interpreted to mean; anywhere from Tijuana in Baja Norte to living in Los Cabos in Baja Sur and everywhere in between.  Tijuana has always been on the map with proximity to San Diego.  Historically, it was a getaway for US military personnel to enjoy some R & R when off duty and or a great place to take your car to get it painted or upholstered.  Anyone who has been around the Baja long enough most certainly has a TJ story and or a border crossing story, either direction. 

Ensenada and Rosarito for that matter were quite primitive back in the 80’s when I first began visiting those areas.  The hot spot was Ortegas where you could get a huge Lobster dinner for two, with a margarita for about $15.  Heading on down south you pass through rows of vineyards and what has turned into many fabulous wineries, over the years.  San Quintin is seasonably agricultural and known for fishing and blue crabs.  This area has flourished with tourism as people became more daring to venture further south of Ensenada.

Guerrero Negro, where the world’s largest salt plant owned by the Japanese is now on the map with a multitude of whale watching tours during the winter months.  Loreto, is one of the most interesting, historic cities in the Baja.  Their fore-fathers have fought the development of mega tourism for decades now, and have done a fine job of it.  Their seasonal weather has helped with this battle as they vow not to become another Los Cabos.  La Paz, the capital of BCS is a real city, comparatively speaking.  There exist a deep water port with ferries and supplies coming from mainland Mexico.  A lot of these products end up on your table or in your house here in Los Cabos. 

Then there is Los Cabos, ah yes, “home sweet home”.  We have first class medical care, simple international banking, large box stores that provide products from north of the border and a healthy lifestyle available that is second to none.  Most tourists who fly down for the week or pass through on a cruise ship are not aware of what it is like to live in Baja.  The fact of the matter is it is not just a geographical location, it is a lifestyle, one that is hard to describe much less understand until you have experienced it.  Those of us who are lucky enough to enjoy a full or part time residency in Los Cabos are truly blessed.  There is a sense of freedom here that cannot be experienced in the USA or Canada.  There is so much to do and see, way more than meets the eyes but you have to live it to take it in. 

If you have ever considered buying or living in Los Cabos, come on down, look around.  A lot of people come and rent a place for a month while their realtor shows them properties, very common, sort of like a “test drive”.  Either way, fly-n-buy or test drive, there are many highly qualified realtors here, at your service to show you the way.

It is truly a paradise. Come join us!

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