AVoid emotion when selling your home

by wendy knapp, rhionda & knapp

Selling a house can be tough. It can be even tougher if you're forced to sell your home for financial
reasons and don't have much money to make pre-sale fixes or upgrades.

Don't be take it personal by Buyer's critiques, a Seller's intense emotional response has the potential to torpedo a sale.  Selling a house can be an emotional roller coaster, you need to manage those
feelings and face facts or you'll only end up hurting yourself.
•    SEEK OUT A SYMPATHETIC LISTING AGENT, by choosing a listing agent with compassion, you will most likely find a healthy acknowledgement to your feelings which can help you move forward.
•    RELY ON OBJECTIVE OPINIONS ON YOUR HOME'S VALUE, don't start collecting advice from friends and neighbors, this can be very dangerous as these opinions are often not based on fact and can be unreliable and erroneous.
•    AVOID TAKING YOUR LISTING AGENT'S SUGGESTIONS FOR CHANGES PERSONALLY. If neutralizing your interior paint colors to appeal to a wider market is suggested, rely on your agent's candid opinion, they just want to maximize your sale.  Follow as many suggestions as you can afford, to make the necessary changes or repairs.

•    KEEP AN OPEN MIND ON LOW OFFERS.  Unless you have multiple stronger offers in hand, it's usually a mistake to reject a bid that comes in low.  Most Buyer's expect a counter to their offer, don't be insulted.

By Wendy Knapp, Broker of Rionda & Knapp. Contact Wendy for more information at (624) 118-1395, wendy@rionda-knapp.com or  http://www.rionda-knapp.com

​Wendy Knapp can be reached at Wendy@Rionda-Knapp.com or Mobile 044-624-118-1395