about zoning...

by marco klein,  broker, m&R marketing and Real estate

Some new sales agents and certainly not new buyers to our market, have any idea how important this information is in order to know profitability or evaluation of a property.

The developers - they do. They think about how to figure the cost of the ground units and the built m2 saleable; how to get out of the product quickly  and lower the costs of project management and accelerate sales. It is not the same to have a parcel using an intense mixed zoning designation with the CUS, coefficient of soil use of 2.8, which means that you can build 2.8 times the surface of the ground in m2 of construction. This intense mixed use zoning, in addition, allows you up to 6 levels of height, and other generous terms, compared to a use H2, which leaves you with  only 2 stories and 0.6 times the lot size in m2 allowed in construction.

In a nutshell, a lot could be smaller but because of higher land use zone become more expensive than the one that is larger but whose use is limited.

An MLS member representing the owner of land, should demand to be clear what zoning it has, and help the owner see with this perspective, in order that the buyer or seller does not have any illusions or misconceptions, by ignorance, of a higher value, or does not know how to appraise it’s value; even when a neighbor sold at a better price or cheaper than the one that belongs to him. If the land zoning changes, it affects your value by these conditions too.

So the owner must be educated to see clearly how much he can raise the price, to make it consistent with the cost benefit of a developer who may buy it.

In Los Cabos the IMPLAN worked hard to have ready the Plan of Urban Development, PDU. This plan governs the use of land in all of the municipality. You can download it at www.implanloscabos.mx.  Should you have any problems, you can request a link from me, and I will certainly provide.

The most efficient density to develop is the  (dark blue) Mixed Intense Use, and this is close to the Convention Center In San Jose, and some at the corridor.

 By Marco Klein, Broker of M&R Marketing and Real Estate. His company can request the certificate of use of and (zoning) of their properties to our mail marco@myrmexico.com.  (The cost of the process is about $7,000 pesos plus tax which includes: Topographic plot plan and CD, the Municipal application, the official authorization, a certificate of no liens, and the labor to do the process.