About pescadero

by cyndi williams, Broker of Cabo Premiere Investment & Real Estate

A paradise not yet paved! 

Some call it paradise others call it our Wild, Wild West.  Once a sleepy little fishing village and now one of the main exporters of agriculture and the surf capital of Southern Baja.   El Pescadero (the fisherman) is now on the radar of large developers and individuals seeking the more traditional laid back Baja lifestyle.  Reminiscent of the old days of Cabo San Lucas, some 30 years ago when locals endured dirt roads, no stoplights, no traffic and an abundance of free parking.  When there were only a handful of "boutique hotels" then just hotels and a couple of swinging hotspots.  People rode horses on the beach, drove ATVs and old beater cars, fished from the shoreline and chickens crossed the road because they could.  Tourists came to kick back and enjoy the tranquil beaches, free of vendors.  Developers of large resorts and gated communities were far and few between, there were a few police cars and one market for groceries and supplies. Life was simple and free in Cabo San Lucas back then in the "Old Days" and for many, that was what they came for.  The times have changed, Cabo has become a city, all grown up with Costcos and Walmarts, big resorts, million dollar homes and yachts, world renowned golf courses and tons of swinging hotspots.  It took 30 years to get there, but, life in the big City has arrived.  

Pescadero is the Cabo of 30 years ago.  Comprised of the main Pueblo which houses families of more than 4 generations, a few small markets, a school and a big baseball field, the growing area of Cerritos Beach, known for it's miles of endless unencumbered beaches and famous surf break.  Cerritos currently boasts a few vacation resorts, a handful of boutique condo projects, a hopping (one) beach club and lots and lots of gringos building their dream homes.  Just over the hill to the north on the coastal side is the area of San Pedrito which just opened its first little beach bar at the point, on the beach. It has only one large boutique hotel, a little market  and lots of little rental casitas for the surfers that come to surf the famous San Pedrito break and enjoy the tranquility of near private miles of white sandy beach. The farms and orchards are everywhere producing an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables served up at all of the little restaurants scattered through town. The ranchers in the Sierra Laguna mountain range, which frames the community, bring fresh meats daily.  Locals still fish from the shorelines, get around on ATV's and drive beater cars, horses and dogs are still allowed on the beaches, only a couple of police cars, no stoplights, one gas station and chickens still cross the road because they can.  The roads are all dirt except for the 4 lane that runs splits the town, one somewhat paved road that runs through the Pueblo and one paved developer road in Cerritos.  The locals love their dirt roads, they love their tranquil swimming beaches, their farms and ranches, the fresh fish, vegetables and meats.  They love their ATVs and horses and their laid back Baja life. Developers are coming, it's inevitable, after all Pescadero is still a true Baja paradise with a perfect climate, year round sun, swim able beaches, world class surf, the majestic Sierra Laguna mountains 5 minutes from town, the 4 lane highway, easy access to the Airport toll road, prime buildable land at reasonable prices and friendly natives who welcome visitors with open arms.  Only 45 minutes north of Cabo and one of the most beautiful road trips along the Pacific coast through the foothills and desert gets you to the Pescadero,the paradise of the Pacific side.  Come visit soon as we know it won't last forever.   One can only hope it takes a whole 30 more years.

By Cyndi D. Williams, Broker/Owner, Broker of Cabo Premiere Investment & Real Estate, with offices in Cabo San Lucas and Pescadero, 624-158-8650 Mex Cell 624-143-3700 Office, www.cabopremiererealestate.com, Cyndicbre@aol.com