Abc's of Real estate in mexico

by cherine khouzam, agent, cb riveras, 

It happens to all of us one day or another…Perhaps while you’re on your favorite vacation, or when it’s minus a million outside, or when your car ceases, or when your Boss is just being unkind, when your kids are screaming, when your family moves in, well, you get the picture.

​And what exactly is it that happens you say?.. the urge to flee, to escape, to re-locate, to start over, to hop on that plane, boat or car and run to your getaway home on the beaches of Mexico, that’s what happens to all of us, one day or another.

​And for some, it has happened, and for others, the dream has been put into ON mode.

​In the following lines, I will try to walk you through the path of what happens to allow you to get off that plane, boat or car and open YOUR door to your Baja getaway.

​In this order:  you search, you find, you view, you like,  you offer, you negotiate, you hug your realtor cause they made it happen, you close, you pack and you enjoy… YES! It IS as simple as ABC.

You search
You may have visited the Baja before, or this may be your first time or you’ve never been here before and have heard about “Cabo” on your favorite TV show… let the search begin!

You find
​2, 4,  10 “places” that tickle your senses!  Is it a condo? A community home ? Perhaps a Duplex to reap the benefit of rental income? Is it that perfect lot to build the vision? Regardless what it is, you select a few favorites that invade your every moment, day and night

You view
​So you’ve hopped on a plane, boat or car and are touring these findings. Pictures can say 1000 words, or say nothing at all. You feel enthusiastic, disappointed, content, amazed, anxious, worried restless and excited as the Dream slowly turns into Project, all the while making a new ally; Your new Favorite Realtor!

You offer
After a couple of days (or hours) you have selected the perfect pad for your needs. It matches most of your checklist and you become eager to embark on this journey. As you sit and talk with your favorite Realtor, you draw up an offer to purchase that will soon be presented to the Seller of your favorite property. Now… it’s for real!

You Negotiate
Well, your Realtor negotiates hard, for you, his client.It’s now time for that hug!As you are still embraced, your Favorite Realtor has already  started the ball rolling, meaning; has gathered all necessary paperwork, has introduced your to your  Closing Agent, and  has joined you for a celebratory dinner/drink!

You close
And just a few weeks following that date (yes, it can be that fast!) you are either returning to sign your own closing OR have sent in your power of attorney prior and are having a Margarita on us! Either way, it’s now a done deal!

You pack and enjoy
Now, it’s time to reap the benefits… Whether you have chosen to stay in YOUR resort home for a short time, a long time, to rent it, offer it to your kids, grandkids, friends, or  your Boss for this year’s Corporate Retreat or President Club, it’s a Done deal and it was as easy as ABC.

Does this sound crazy? Un-realistic? Too good to be true? Well, it’s the truth. Buying your resort home does not have to be complicated and painful. Our pledge to you is quite the contrary… 

​Questions or comments? Send them directly to me at, Cherine KhouzamTeam Leader – Realtor, Coldwell Banker Riveras,