Abbreviations in Real Estate in Mexico

By Allison Arraut, windermere real estate

So the other day I spent a week….trying to figure out some health insurance billing and if you have 
not looked at those recently, everything is abbreviated. I thought to myself, how am I supposed to understand this stuff, I am not a doctor nor do I specialize in insurance. It then dawned on me that we do similar things in real estate. We know what we are talking about, but I bet there are people out there that don’t so I thought I would come up with a “cheat sheet” so that your eyes won’t glaze over again the next time you are speaking to or reading something from a realtor….

CMA = comparable market analysis used by the realtor to determine the value of a property.
HOA= is a Home Owners Association
POA= power of attorney
DOM= days on market
LOI= letter of intent
TD = termite/dry rot
FSBO= for sale by owner
REO= real estate owned (bank foreclosure)
JV= joint venture
NOI= net operating income
PIT= principal, interest and taxes
PUD= planned unit development
MLS= multiple listing service
ARM= adjustable rate mortgage
IRR= internal rate of return
APR= annual percentage rate
LTV is Loan to Value
POF= proof of funds
R = realtor (pronounced real tor, NOT real a ter)

Here are some abbreviations that you will see on a listing detail sheet

MBR= master bedroom
LR= living room
BR= bedroom
BA= baths
DR= dining room
OV= ocean view
OO= owner occupied
LA= listing agent
LO= listing office
SO= selling office
SA= selling agent
DW= dishwasher
R/O= range oven
MW= micro wave
WD= washer dryer
AC= air conditioning
3/4 bath has a shower stall
1/2 bath is sink and toilet

CFE is our electric company (Comision Federal de Electricidad)
Our titles here are called Fideicomiso when owned by a foreigner and Escritura when owned by a National
Muni is our city (Municipio – Municipal)

BTW, there are many, many more.

By Allison Arraut, GRI, CRS , Windermere Realty, Mex cell (624) 122-5890, US cell (619) 396-3122, allisonarraut@mac.com