a realtor's self conversation

by daniella coria

While on a flight to Cabo, I started wondering why so many people travel there and why they invest in Real Estate. As usual I had a long conversation with myself. An ongoing deal where I ask and answer myself with clear and vivid images of the positive, negative and endless possibilities to my many questions. Does this happen to you? Any way...

I Googled ‘Real Estate Growth In Cabo” and I basically read over and over again that The New York Times keeps saying:’ Cabo is a Buyer´s Market’. I´m a Cabo aficionado, so I find no news here...many have been saying that for years and I can attest to Cabo´s boom.  

I measure Cabo´s growth by the amount of time I now spend at Customs upon my arrival.  It used to be an easy-breezy deal and now it just takes a bit longer to start sipping on them Pacificos.

Next question to myself was...what are property buyers buying? I could clearly see from the plane that they are buying anything and everything and I guess that it always comes down to what your budget can allow you to buy.

Then I thought...I´ll get serious about Real Estate this time, I actually planned additional days in Cabo, so as soon as I get a chance I´ll pick up a Real Estate local guide, so that when the initial ‘margarita-sand effect’ wears-off I´ll give it a good look.

The Real Estate search-day came and I armed myself with a powerful Corona beer on the left, chips, salsa and inexpensive fresh avocado to the right-for easy access- and my Real Estate guide in the middle.

San Lucas, San José, Tourist Corridor, where is Pescadero? Prices just vary so much! This guide has eye-popping properties and the prices either have triple digits before the K´s or dual digits before the M´s!

How can you choose from such a wide array of properties? My initial thoughts were driven by many Real Estate related Hollywood movies that usually say Location! Location! Location! But after seeing these prices I believe my Cabo movie should scream: Budget! Budget! Budget!

At this point I´m ready to explore my options, I made a call. The call that materialized my Cabo Dreams...someone picked up and said: “Real Estate, how can we help you?”

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