A Real (Estate) Happy Ending

by Terry Gray Curtis

Like all successful local Real Estate agents here in Los Cabos and members of the MLS, I have a website, well a few, and I do receive leads from them. One of these leads turned into a client who was passing through on a cruise ship, let’s call her “Lisa”. She is a Real Estate agent herself for a large brand franchise in northern California. She had a few hours to spend while in Cabo to view 6 properties we had narrowed down from many more in advance via the interweb. I picked her up at the main dock and we hit the ground running. After a few hours we had narrowed that list down to one, wrote the offer, she signed it and we were looking great. Off she went to enjoy her vacation through the Panama Canal to Florida.

The offer had a 15 day contingency on her acquiring a line of equity on her property in the USA which she was more than qualified for. As it turns out our offer hit the same time as cash offer did on the same property. Suddenly the seller had a low cash offer and a full price offer with the contingency. The seller accepted the cash offer instead of ours. Hmmm???? Interesting.

Lisa went home to get back to work as we researched other properties over a few weeks. We came up with 5 others for her to tour, in her price range. This time her funds were available so we knew we would not run into the same issue, delaying a seller with a contingency. So down she flew to Cabo, I picked her up at the airport and off we went again to view homes. We toured all 5 but 1 in particular #3 on the list, we meticulously went through. After #5, naturally we went back to #3 again, all of this in the course of a few hours. This was the one; she didn’t want to just make an offer she wanted to own it. It was brand new and had spectacular Ocean Views from the living area, 2nd floor. This particular home also had an astonishing 300 degree view from the huge rooftop deck, which was plumbed for and outdoor kitchen and perfectly finished.

The listing agent informed us that the other homes on the same street that had sold recently, sold for full price, which they did. Then I met again with Lisa and explained, if you are want to buy this home we need to make the offer for full price and we need to do it now, she listened. Lisa and I sat down and wrote the offer for full price, which is rare but this was the last one available. I submitted the offer asap only to find out the listing agent had received and offer via email he had not seen yet about an hour before he received ours. Holy guacamole, not again I thought, Lisa lost another one. As it turns out
that offer was not full price, just short by a small fraction, less than 1% but that buyer had no intentions of increasing it. Seems that buyer did not believe his agent when he told him there was a full price offer on the same property. He did not listen.

Next day our offer was accepted and Lisa was ecstatic to know she is now going to have her dream home in Cabo! I was too, knowing we got the desired results by sticking with it and going the extra mile. This all happened the first half day she was here on her 2nd visit. Needless to say “all’s well that ends well”, but we had a few stressful moments of uncertainty.  Lisa is set to arrive in July, take possession and turn her new empty house
into her 2nd home.

Moral of the story, actually there are a few. First of all, with Lisa being an agent herself, we spoke the same language. However because of our communication for the previous months online during the search, we developed trust. This is paramount with your Realtor, trust goes very far. Get to know your agent and if you trust him/her, listen to him/her.
If you are not comfortable, find another one. Make sure your agent has a plan when you arrive. The pre-work your agent does in advance is critical to using your time and the agent’s time wisely in Cabo. This is also an indication of how hard your agent is willing to work for you. Make sure your agent is a member of our local MLS as we are required to follow guidelines put in place to protect both buyers and sellers.
Second, your real estate agent is working for you. If they advise you on pricing, listen. It can make the difference between a successful offer or a lost opportunity.

Terry Gray Curtis is a veteran Century 21 Paradise Properties agent, he operates www.caboresortproperties.com & www.cabosecrets.com & a blog at http://blog.caboresortproperties.com Drop him a note to receive his very informative, bi‐weekly Newsletter. His e‐marketing program can give you incredible exposure if you are a Seller. Terry can be reached at  terry@c21cabo.com or USA Tel
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