a gold rush

by randy thompson, 2 seas christies int'l real estate

I woke up early this morning around 4:40 A.M..  Rather than get off on the wrong foot and tune into the US political soap opera, I dialed in the history network.  I thought it better to learn something, rather than form an opinion on something I have no control over. 

The program was named Gold Rush and it was a documentary about the gold rush of 1849 in California.  It explained the situation in California where the Mexicans were living well and enjoying their culture. The talked about how arrogant the American were that squatted on the properties and laid claim  One Mexican ranchero owned 160,000 acres and his attitude was to welcome the Easterners with open arms.  He was disappointed in their brash behavior when they claimed the land as their own. 

 They talked about the myths that you could find gold laying on the ground.  There were cases where many people became wealthy from the amount of gold that was to be had.  The history later explained that nobody really ever got rich from prospecting gold.  The real winners were the people that mined the miners.  That is hardware stores and outlets that provided the basics.  The miners were exploited and the value turned out to be in the land that is California State.  The Gold rush generated the growth of San Francisco making it the largest port on the west coast of the Americas bring products from around the world to service the mining industry.  The people behaved like nobody was watching them being so far from home and mom. Jajaja.  Many other enterprises like taverns, brothels and gambling houses prospered from the Gold Rush. 

  Today looking at California, it has provided the source of dreams and fortunes for many.  You can see it in the movie industry and the fact that the 6th largest economy in the world is the State of California.  The real treasure is the land.  The fertile property provides fruit and vegetables for ½ of the people in the United States.  The demand for waterfront in Southern California yield the highest price in the America’s for real estate.  The real Gold is the Real Estate and the lifestyle it provides.  That brings me to today, and my take on where the real Gold is at.

 I have lived in Baja California Sur for 17 years.  I have watched the evolution of my municipality grow from 50,000 people to today around 250,000.  We have evolved from one stop light to many, as well as fiber optics, WIFI and communication systems second to none.  In all areas we have experienced positive growth in many areas including shopping and international fine dining.  Add to that a fabulous inexpensive healthcare with a focus on service by wise, young, educated professionals taking advantage of our natural retreat.  

 Mexico has a young population with an average age of 24.   The State of Baja California Sur is the richest in the nation, there are many benefits to this.  Over time, the improvements continue it becomes obvious Mexico is well positioned for the future.

 The state of California have many factors that are concerns like unpredictable weather patterns which have seasonal fires, flash flooding, and of course earthquakes.  I get my education from the American news of KTLA.  Needless to say, you won’t see me trying to get over Donald Trump’s wall. 

Okay enough hacking California State.  The real gold is here my friend.  The Gold Rush is on, get your shovel and get down here.   We won’t be mining gold, just organic fruit and vegetables, modern day gold.  A group of Canadian Miners established that we do have Gold here, but thank god we are not willing to destroy paradise for the exploration of it.  We prefer to capitalize on the snowbirds, retirement and the tourist industry.

Those who visit will not argue that with 350 days of sunshine positively affect fair weather friends like me.  I welcome the few grey days there are a year as well.  We are the third little pig living in brick house, eliminating fire risks and providing stability for you family for generations to come.  I have seen such an example with Miguel Mendoza, my oldest Mexican friend whom I met the first day here.  Miguel lived with his wife and 5 children in a home that was once his mothers.  His children have all grown up and the home has the potential to go up another level.  This home shows no sign of deterioration and with fresh paint, looks brand new. 

The land here is fertile and free from pesticides and any other poisons that may adversely affect your health.  The natural lifestyle the locals show you that each day reaping the benefits of an abundant sea on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other.  You can garden year around here and easily live off of a small plot of land.  Todo es possible!!  Which means that “Everything is possible”.

Come to my boomtown and find you niche and place in paradise. 

Bienes Raices is Spanish for Real Estate and translated it is “Good Roots”, how appropriate. 
By Randito, aka Randy Thompson,  2Seas Christie's International Real Estate, Contact Randy at Office Phone - +52(624) 105-2547, Mobile - +52 1(624) 100-2028. Or write him at randy@2seasloscabos.com