5 tips to sell fast

by leticia diaz rivera, BROKER, coldwell banker riveras

What makes a property sell quickly? Is it its location? Is it the listing price? Market conditions?
Truth be told, all of the above influence the speed of the sale in one way or another. As a seller,
you must be ready to face all the different scenarios by assuring your property is prepared for a fast sale.
​Here are five tips to make sure you sell it quickly.

Competitively price your property. Even though each property has an emotional value, it must not influence when fixing the price. The smartest thing to do is to analyze its features, location, amenities and finishes, and then, compare it to what is being offered in the area and to what has been sold. This is called a CMA (comparative market analysis), that will help you generate the right price for a fast sale. Your Coldwell Banker Rivera´s listing agent can help you in this step.
Have a complete document package including:  a title report, disclosure statement, construction manifestation and plot map with survey markers shown on the property. By having all these documents ready, once you have an accepted offer, it helps expedite the closing process.
De-clutter. Have you heard the term less is more? It fits perfectly in here!  If it is a home get rid of all personal items that you no longer need; think of it as a spring cleaning and whatever you don’t want to take with you to your new home, give it away! Immaculate gardens and yard say that the house has been cared and loved. Taking off personal pictures from the fridge can help too; remember that the buyer needs to see himself in the home.
Spruce up your entryway and a fresh coat of paint is a great way to improve the appearance and cleanliness of a home. It is not expensive and it will validate the price you set for the property.
If it is a lot be sure to have the land clearly marked on all corners - clear the land and clean all debris. Remember that not all buyers can see past them and it will be easier for them to imagine what it will be like to build in that land.

It is all about first impressions. Position yourself in the buyer’s side. As you arrive to the property, what is the first thing that catches your eye? Is it the missing tiles in the roof? Is it the overgrown grass? Or is the paint peeling off the walls? A neat, well-cared property screams “BUY ME! BUY ME!” to the savvy buyer. You do not need to invest all your money or your efforts in repairing all that there is wrong with it, but you can focus on the small things that can make a difference, you’d be surprised how far a little can go.

For more information and a CMA for your property, contact your favorite Coldwell Banker Riveras agent at info@cbriveras.com

Your Coldwell Banker Riveras Team