5 steps to sell your home

by Blanca Bastida, Agent, Coldwell Banker
It is time for you to move on and you want to sell your home. Either because you want to leave the city, your family is bigger thanks to your kids, or simply because your neighborhood doesn’t suit you any more (yes, the neighbor's dog barks all night long).

The fact is you have decided to sell your home, but you aren’t sure about how to start. Let me explain you these 5 steps to sell your house the best way possible (I could change the title of this article to “how to make more money with less effort”, but let’s just keep it like it is now, sounds more professional).

1. - Make sure you have all the documents in order and payments up to date. When you get an accepted offer and the closing process begins, the notary will ask for the house title, official ID, tax property receipts, etc.

2. - A market analysis / market research will help you to know how much you can sell your property. Check the sales price for the sold properties last year in your area. Some areas in Los Cabos have increased their market value (partially because of the added amenities, demand, etc). Don’t make a rough estimate, after all, it is your home you’re offering.

3. - Upgrade you property appearance in simple ways: new paint, decluttering the garden, etc. If you don’t have a big budget, you can start from the outside, that is, pay attention on how the exterior of the property looks like. See it as how a potential buyer would see it, first impression is important, so you gotta make sure it counts.

4. - Make your house look spacious without adding an extra room. Remember less is more: rearrange furniture and take away the excess of accessories and furniture, this will help you perceive it as a more spacious property.

5. - Take good pictures of the home, this will help to promote it online and also throughout traditional resources. Search for specialized real state websites and magazines, social media, apps, signs, flyers, networking, use all the available resources at hand to promote your property.

Finally, if it seems very difficult to do it all by yourself or if you don`t have time to do it all, remember that a real state professional can help you to promote and sale your property since THAT is precisely their job. This couldn’t be easier!!

 If you have any questions let me help you, I will invest my time, knowledge and services as a real estate professional to help you sell your property fast. Send me an email to bbastida@cbriveras.com or call me to Coldwell Banker Riveras’ office in San Jose (624)142.5544