2017 Property Taxes are almost due!

Pay attention in October, November, December and January

by cheryl miller, broker, baja realty and investment

Reminder!  Your Property Taxes are Coming Due SOON.

Attention all foreign property owners:  Property taxes are almost due.  It’s September, and in La Paz, payments can be made as early as October for the following fiscal year.

If you own property in the Municipality of La Paz, which also includes property in Cerritos, Todos Santos, north of Las Barilles, your property taxes can be paid from about October 20th and onwards for 2017!  Payments are accepted at the Municipal offices in La Paz or Todos Santos in cash.  La Paz DOES NOT HAVE online payment services.  So if you need assistance, contact your realtor, closing agent or property manager today.  If you pay your property taxes for the Municipal of La Paz in October and November, you get a whopping 30% off!  December drops to 10% and January, you owe the whole nut.  Penalties and interest do start to accrue after February.

If you own property in the Municipality of Los Cabos, your payment becomes due in January of 2017, about the 8th of the month.    But, if you pay prior to January 31st, you receive a 20% discount. 10% in February and 5% in March.  After April, penalties and interest will be levied.  Payments in Los Cabos require the property tax payer to register their tax info prior to paying. This started January 2013.  If you have not already registered, do so while you are visiting here.  Or ask your closing agent or property manager for assistance.

Write these dates down….As a property owner in Mexico, this is one of the responsibilities! Remember to pay!

Happy Savings!

By Cheryl Miller, Broker, Baja Realty and Investment 624-122-2690, info@forsaleinbaja.com