100 properties toured in la paz

by Anabelle Rossell, agent, amistad real estate


For the last 4 months we´ve kept ourselves very busy in La Paz. Even in our current high season the local top producers and AMPI LA PAZ professionals organize and gather on Saturdays once every two weeks or once a month at least to tour properties just listed, motivated sellers, Price reductions or new projects being introduced into the market.

I´ve been organizing the tours for quite a while and now we are able to have 20-30 agents attending, which usually take us 3-4 hours to go over 10-12 properties. Yes, I know it sounds crazy to be driving around looking at homes and condos that must of us already know, but it has helped us increase our number of sales, it has improved our market conditions, promote exclusive contracts, provide an accurate feedback to our sellers or agents strategies and increase online presence through agents social media. Sometimes while we are touring we are already calling our clients at the moment of being at the property to let them know about a great market opportunity or a founding something that matches their search criteria. You know it makes a HUGE difference to be sharing personal insight and getting a feeling of the neighborhood and local lifestyle instead of just looking at numbers and general info in the MLS. We are a not selling only a house through a phone call or e-mail, we are able to share confidence and a personal testimonial, which is key selling any product or service nowadays. And trust us, you can ask any local realtor their seller´s feedback. Sellers LOVE to see a bunch of agents coming over to see their house and even sometimes we´ve been spoiled by ceviche or beers at the end of the tour. I know it is a hard job but someone´s got a do it.

As an Accredited Buyer´s Representative (ABR) I´m a huge fan of the tours. I know I´m responsible of finding my clients the best deals available and the tours are a great way to do it. And in addition to the social media our company sends feedback and comments through our newsletter. So when the buyers are not here or are not ready to make a decision at the moment they have the info to make the best decision with frequent updates or market comps through Baja MLS and even sign up for MLS alerts.

Recently one of this sellers sent me an e-mail with a personal thank you note since a couple of weeks after touring his property he was finally able to sell house through his agent and found a very nice family to make of his home theirs. And in another time two different agents, buyer´s and listing agent called me separately to let me know they had a closing on a house that had recently been listed and introduced through our MLS tour. I can´t help to feel happy to make this possible but again it wouldn´t be possible at all without our local realtors teamwork. Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.


By: Anabelle Rossell / La Paz Bay Rentals + Real Estate, www.lapazbay.com, Cel: 612-1362761